Saturday, December 08, 2012

December 8

One of the women in our neighborhood organized a Secret Santa party and last night, eleven women converged on her home toting gifts - food - drinks - and merriment to share.


What an amazing place I am in my life! I kept thinking to myself.  How blessed and lucky I am to be in this environment with wonderful women who genuinely care about one another and are so interested in creating a community. 

And then, we started our Secret Santa gift exchange and it was a simple process of drawing numbers and whomever had the lowest number (1) went first and whomever had the highest number (11) went last, and when it was your turn - you had the option of selecting a new present - or "stealing" a present from someone else. And if you stole a present from someone else, they had the option of selecting a new present from beneath the tree, or "stealing" a present from someone else, except the person who stole the present from you, UNLESS, you were able to demonstrate a talent that would be voted upon by the guests. And that's how a room full of 40+ year old women, with 20+ children across the lot of us, ranging in age from 4 months to 23-years old, started doing splits (trying to push themselves all the way to the ground) and laughing like giddy teenagers.

Yep. I suspect several of us "who once did gymnastics and/or cheer and could do full splits just a few years* ago..." will be hobbling to the bus stop tomorrow morning.

* Just a few years ago = 25. 


  1. sounds like a blast was had by all.

  2. Sounds as if a blast was had by all.

  3. I think I want to live in your neighborhood.

  4. Gigi - I was thinking tonight that this kind of environment could probably be created anywhere, all it takes is one person's desire to have it be so.

    It's really incredible the camaraderie that most women tend to share and their natural born desire to get together and connect with one another. The woman that hosted the party is a lovely, lovely person who is from another country and has lived in the neighborhood for about the same duration as us (2 years). She is a single mom, she rents a house, and she has made this neighborhood HERS.

    She hosts several parties a year and really tries to include everyone. When she turned 50 a few months ago, the neighborhood women threw her the most elegant surprise party. They did it, because she constantly reaches out and touches all of our hearts. And that is the "recipe" for a fabulous neighborhood.