Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30

My sister and her family flew back to Michigan a few days ago, but the entertaining bug hasn't yet left us.  So Charlie and I have been hosting various friends over for dinner.  Tonight, we had some very good friends over who have three children that are approximately the same age(s) as ours.


Their daughter is in our children's second grade class - and in our Brownie Troop - and their son, who is one year older than our trio, is in William's Cub Scout pack. Their youngest daughter is the same age as Henry and Henry adores her. Not just because she's a girl ... although Henry has a soft spot in his heart for girls ... but because she loves trucks and dinosaurs and Spiderman and Superman and Batman and all things Superhero related, almost as much as him.  They see each other every week because they're in swim lessons together and will sometimes run around the bleachers together when their older siblings are in swim team at night.

Next year, they'll be in Kindergarten together.


And in a few blink, blink, blinks ... I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're going to the Prom together.

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