Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19

Miracle of all miracles ...


Our Christmas cards were actually sent out on time. This is the first time, since we've lived in Virginia, that we've mailed Christmas greetings in December as opposed to February (2010 greetings) and July (2011 greetings) and it wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of my little elves who stuffed all the envelopes, applied the appropriate address stickers, affixed return labels and stamps. In addition to being my heart's delight, these children are becoming quite handy.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Santa brought them TurboTax so they can help prepare our returns in April.


  1. I have often commented to friends and my nephews that I was not put on this earth to carry---my sons knew that-now my nephews know that. The cost of going for a Sunday swim with Auntie Lucie is to carry her hot pink gym bag into the change room.

    You are teaching them to really live life-good for you!

  2. Gosh they make cookies, and address and stamp---what next? Everyone needs to be needed and you are doing a great job to teach them how to do things. I think I will send for them to teach Jim a few tricks.

  3. Mom ... we need to teach them to CARRY THINGS ... like Lucie suggests!! Just think of how wonderful it would be not having to lug groceries up and down the stairs anymore!

  4. I have to say, that although we LOVED the card, we did miss your year in review poem... Hope you liked our card. ;) Miss you guys!

  5. Lorie - we loved your card - I especially liked the "north" arrow, you two geologists make our hearts so proud!!!

    I started to write a poem on our cards ... it went something like this, ''Tis the month of December and the time to remember, our family and friends as this year ... 2012 ends. We'd like to write a whole year in rhyme... but this year we're focused on getting our cards out on TIME!"

    Ho ho ho!! :)