Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1

Tonight, we began the countdown to Christmas by reading one story from our Advent Storybook and William (because we progress in birth order), unwrapped the first Christmas book.  His selection: Reindeer Christmas. That's a good one, although my favorite remains Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.


Later tonight, Charlie and I need to finish wrapping the other 23 books. We meant to do it last night, but the Bourne Supremacy was on television and we've only seen that movie six times so had to watch it again.  In fact, I think we actually own that movie so why we felt the need to watch it on television with the commercial interruptions is a mystery.

Here's a letter that I found William had left out for Santa...


Do anyone else's children love costumes as much as my children do?  Last year it was a Harry Potter costume that William wanted ... this year it's Peter Pan and some pixie dust so he can fly.   My poor William, he's had a very tough day today. He came down with a terrible cold (which means I'll be coming down with a terrible cold in a day or two) and he has a loose front tooth that is driving him crazy.


He doesn't feel like he's able to pull it out yet and he won't let anyone else touch it out, except me, and because we know that I get the heebie-jeebies just looking at loose teeth, it has been twisting around in his mouth and making him very upset indeed.


We had a dentist visit this past week and of the triplets, William is the most dentally immature having only lost two baby teeth. Carolyn is the most dentally mature, having lost eight baby teeth and having already sprouted (is that the correct term?) her six and twelve year molars. She and I will be attending our first orthodontic consult next week.

And thus it begins. 

Here's the Naughty and Nice list that Carolyn pulled together before the children went to sleep. William was on the nice side, until he swatted at Carolyn out of frustration when she told him to just hurry up and yank that tooth out because the Tooth Fairy is tired of waiting!  So now he's in both camps.

I'd like to point out that I'm on the nice side.  As for Charlie, I'm not so sure what landed him on the TOP of the naughty side.


When we're wrapping Christmas books, I'll be on a mission to find out.


  1. We are on book #2, we love this tradition SO much. I hope you have "The Spirit of Christmas." by something Tillerman. Awesome book for the kids and family. Enjoy the book opening!

  2. That's awesome, Jill ... this IS a great tradition - - our family loves it, too. I'll need to look for The Spirit of Christmas, since I'm fairly certain we don't have that one. Thanks for the tip!