Sunday, December 02, 2012

December 2

Much to my surprise, William's tooth didn't fall out while he slept last night. So when he woke up this morning and it continued to rattle about his mouth, his frustration passed the point of no return. He, himself, couldn't pull it out, he didn't let the one person in the family who would pull it out anywhere near him, tying a string to a door was inconceivable (!), and the tears were on a slow drip for much of the day.

I can't eat apples! 

I can't eat bagels! 

I can't even communicate! 

Oo ee ow I alk? I an't ove i ips!!

Finally, after a consult with our new neighbors (whom are both dentists) and they gave me a quick tutorial on tooth extraction, I mustered the courage and sequestered him to the bathroom. Sitting on the edge of the tub, I took a piece of tissue paper, dried off his tooth - pinched the tooth just beneath the gum - and I gave a tug. There was a bit of resistance and under normal circumstances, I would have let go of the tooth and run out of the bathroom, screaming. But these weren't ordinary circumstances: my son desperately needed for me to get rid of that tooth.  So I didn't let go, I closed my eyes, suppressed the urge to scream and I yanked.  

POP! Out came the tooth with nary a sound effect (thank goodness, I would have died) and instantly, his mood shifted and he was back to himself.  For the rest of the evening, he was so appreciative and kept thanking me, in between bites of apples and bagels and talking nonstop. "Mom, you're the greatest. Thank you so much. I can't believe it's gone. I feel so much better. Did I say thank you? Thank you so much, Mom. You're the greatest.  Hey Mom? Thanks."


If I thought it wasn't possible to love this little guy any more before ... I was wrong. 

Our relationship has now reached an all new level. 


  1. Wow, Mom, you did great; how proud of yourself are yo≈

  2. Glad to know that it's out. That picture you posted yesterday of his tooth just dangling there made me cringe.

    Amy F.

  3. I am SO proud of myself ... but I hope I never find myself in that situation again. Why must the kids come to me and not their father?? Charlie would LOVE to pull out their teeth!!

    Amy - it made us ALL cringe. Ack!!