Tuesday, August 30, 2011

twenty third

Number 23 ...

Our living room.


Our pretty, pretty living room.

I love this space.

I love the warm color and the overall feel.

I especially love the fireplace and mantle.

Remember when it was pink?


We took down the triple track curtains and put up plantation shutters which I think are perfect for this window. They let in lots of light during the day, offer excellent privacy at night and are incredibly easy to clean.


Our plant, unfortunately, hasn't done very well. It was once lush and beautiful, but Henry - the child who would be consumed in the wild if he was a lion cub? He, along with his siblings, have a tendency to break off entire branches and bottom line...

My children are plant killers.

This picture of our plant killers children, is actually a painting that was done, from a photograph, by a good friend of Papa Alex and Kathleen when the children were younger.

Every time I look at this painting I smile. This year for Halloween the boys want to go as Harry Potter and the girls want to go as Hermione Granger. I suspect their minds will change no less than 100 times between now and then and we'll discuss it ~ at great length ~ several times a day. With that in mind, I think a suitable costume for me would be a zombie.


Here is our wall of candle sconces ... I love candles. Especially when there is a power outage and you know exactly where they are. We're all about practicality.


And here is a picture of Charlie and I kayaking a portion of the Colorado River in 1998. Don't we look hardcore outdoorsy with our helmets taking on the rapids?


This little light is actually a star from the top of a Christmas tree.


Problem is, this star doesn't stay on the tree very well, so it often happens that the star will topple off the top of o' tannebaum and impale whomever is standing below.


So, I took it off the tree and put it on this bookshelf. And TRUE STORY, the orange bulb that I put in last December and which has been plugged in for the past (almost) nine months straight ... never once turned off, ever 24 hours a day ... is still glowing brightly.

I think that this little star looks so festive and could be the kind of fixture that you could keep out year round, to cast a nice glow in a room. If not for Santa's reindeer perched next to it, one would probably never know that I neglected to put away some of my Christmas decorations. Let's just assume for a moment this has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with my desire to keep the Spirit alive.

All year!

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