Tuesday, August 30, 2011

twenty second

Number 22:

Another item from my father's house ... a huge bookshelf that had, apparently, been in the Maynard house that my parents had bought in 1963. I don't actually remember this piece in our old house, but I've heard rumors that it was in the dining room and then, later, moved upstairs to my brothers' room. Although I'm not sure how this ONE PIECE monstrosity would have ever been moved up the stairs.


When my parents sold the house and moved to Concord, this piece followed. And when my father was selling the house last year, this piece was going to convey to the new owners. Until I saw it and said, "WE NEED THAT IN OUR HOUSE!!!" Because our house in California had custom-built ins that we couldn't take with us and at the time, we had virtually zero storage space for our children's toys and ack! there was stuff everywhere.


In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have turned down the couch...

We eventually need to get one of those, too. Although right now, we use this wide open space for dancing and Girl Scout meetings and quite frankly, people on the floor don't bother me nearly as much as toys on the floor.

What do you mean you need to be more comfortable when you watch Monday night football?!

Put on slippers!

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