Tuesday, August 30, 2011

twenty first

Number 21 ...

Hanging all around our basement area are puzzles.


Various puzzles that Charlie and I have put together over the past 20 years and have had professionally framed. We especially like puzzles from White Mountain Puzzles and have accumulated a good collection of puzzles that are from places that we've either lived or are special to us in some way. When our babies were born, we took a reprieve from our "puzzling" because in our old house, we didn't really have a space to put the puzzles together and also, small children don't do well with puzzles. Take for example the newest puzzle addition to our wall; a Virginia puzzle that we've put together TWICE.


Twice because after we'd almost finished completing it the first time and had less than 100 pieces remaining, our little tot, Henry swiped it off the table, all over the floor.



It surprised me that after all the hard work the triplets had put in to the puzzle, they weren't more frustrated. I think that their exact words were, "Don't worry Mom. It'll go a lot faster the second time..."

And all I could say was, "HENRY, it's a good thing you're a human boy and not say, a lion cub. Because if you were a lion cub AND IF lions were capable of completing puzzles, you pull a move like that in the wild and you'd be eaten. In two bites!"

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