Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Number 19...

Items from the nineteenth century.

(Antique medicine spoon from John C. Friend pharmacy circa 1892).


My father bought a drugstore in downtown Concord, Massachusetts in the 60's. Over the years, my family worked their fingers to the bone cleaning out that store, including the basement.


Since the location had been occupied by a pharmacy for almost 100 years prior to my father taking it over, there were all kinds of pharmaceutical antiques discovered.



When my father sold his house last year, my sister Beth packaged up and mailed to us several apothecary items that she thought we'd like for posterity.


After carefully inspecting all of the bottles, I made the executive decision to dispose of the contents and simply store the bottles along with a few mortar and pestles.


While I know that my father appreciated that these bottles contained the original chemicals ...


... I wouldn't put it past the four small children in our house, to get in to the arsenous acid and thinking that it's confectionery sugar, sprinkle it across their french toast.

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