Tuesday, August 30, 2011

twenty ninth

Number 29 ...

Next to installing carpet in the basement and painting the interior walls of the house and installing closet organizers and plantation shutters, the best improvement that we've made since moving in last September is the replacement of all our interior doors.


The doors that had been here were hollow and warped and would frequently stick when closed. This would lead to much screaming on behalf of our children who would go crazy when they couldn't get out of a room.


We settled on a solid core door with lever handles. We had thought about getting egg knob handles because I really like the way that those look, but we were talked out of it because levers are easier for people to open. Especially older people with arthritis and I'm all about thinking ahead. The photo below shows what one of the 17 new doors looks like ... this is the door for our tiny hallway closet.


Considering we had essentially ZERO storage space beneath the sinks and the medicine cabinets in the bathrooms are quite small, we were at a loss for what to do with all of our medicines and first aid supplies. We opted to turn this small closet space in to a medicine closet (and overflow storage space for bathroom items) and have been storing all of our linens in specially marked baskets within the bedroom closets while towels are stored in specially marked baskets in each of the bathrooms. I'm really glad we thought to do that, because we were in a bit of a dilemma thinking that we'd have to put our extra towels and sheets in the attic.

This has worked out very well and I love having a medicine CLOSET.


We also replaced the hollow doors to our closets. The master bedroom and girls' bedroom have sliding glass doors, while the boys' smaller closet is all wood bi-fold.


Still up, we need to replace the over-sized sliding glass door in our basement. Not only is this difficult to open, but in the winter, whenever you walk past, you can actually feel the cold wind blowing in to the house. But I've got to admit, my mind boggles more at the cost of replacing this single oversized door than it has boggled at the cost for any other item in the house. In other words, we could either take the entire family to Europe for a week, or we could get a new oversized sliding glass door.


Eventually, we will replace the front door and possibly side window panels. But until such time that we recover from the financial hemorrhage we've endured this year, we're painting them white. Or, at least ten months ago, I started to paint them white.


I should probably think about wrapping that project up.


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