Tuesday, August 30, 2011

twenty seventh

Number 27...

Following close behind the bathrooms on the list of "needs updating" is our kitchen.


Why, when we'd first moved in, we had planned to do the kitchen FIRST. But then we had to remove a few trees and do some reconstructive work to our chimney and fireplaces and replace carpet in the basement and replace interior doors that would tend to get stuck when they were closed and small children would scream that they were trapped and .... well, whatever resources we thought we'd apply to the kitchen were gone.


Just like that!

So instead of upgrading the entire kitchen, we upgraded our sink.

Or rather, our faucet.


And this has made such a huge difference. While our bright kitchen in California with the granite counter tops, high-end stainless steel appliances and oversized sink were certainly pretty to look at, I feel like I can totally live with an outdated kitchen, so long as I have a retractable, spray nozzle faucet and a little built-in dishwasher soap pump dispenser.


One other thing that we really missed from California was our refrigerator with the built in water and ice maker. When we moved here and realized that we had to make ice cubes the old fashion way, using trays, it came as a bit of a shock. Kind of like buying a television without a remote control. Since we're so accustomed to just grabbing a glass of cold water any old time, we opted to order a water cooler.


The name of the water supplier company around these parts is "Crystal." So that's what we've named our cooler.

But we've added a blond wig to give "her" some flair.

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