Saturday, June 20, 2009

public service announcement

There have been small scale struggles erupting in our house every day for the past few weeks, because our children have learned how to log on to the computer and play Curious George on the PBS website. And when they're not clashing with each other over computer time, they are telling me - or Charlie - that our time is up and it is now their turn. And I can't help but think, five years ago these people who are now negotiating with me over computer time were still in my womb.

It boggles my mind.

But since everything that the children are doing online is at the high end of the educational spectrum, I generally oblige with their requests. Although when I noticed that they had adjusted a few of my settings to the internet, I became a little paranoid that they were going to cause some problems from their random clicking of this and that and dragging this here and there.

My fear was confirmed when I tried to log on to my blog from my husband's lap top earlier this week and discovered that it was gone. As in, my blog was no longer there.


A slight amount of panic ensued as I tried to understand what had happened. (Who am I kidding? A whole heckuva lot of panic ensued.) Ultimately, I discovered that Blogger was no longer routing traffic from my old address to my new address. Within a day of me realizing this, I started receiving emails and telephone calls from people wondering why I had deleted my blog?

So, if it turns out that you have had the same issue, you might want to consider deleting from your bookmark and replacing it with

It's simple and easy to do.

Just as simple as receiving and returning your donation packet to Be The Match.

You have until Monday, June 22 to receive your free donation packet so if you haven't contacted them yet about joining the Bone Marrow Registry - and you feel like this is something you'd like to do - you've got two days remaining.

(Virtual HIGH FIVES to all of you who have already registered, including my cousin Margaret who reconsidered after telling me no, no, NO way.)

And many, many prayers going out and up and all around for our dear friend, Deana, who received her bone marrow stem cell transplant yesterday at MD Anderson in Texas. GO STEM CELLS!! GO STEM CELLS!! MAKE DEANA STRONG!! GET THAT WOMAN HOME TO HER BABIES!!

This picture is totally unrelated to anything except to point out that I really need to improve my photography skills and am seriously thinking about taking a digital photography and web design class at the local community college.

You know, once I can figure how to squeeze an additional three hours out of the day.


  1. I've always wondered what was required to be in the bone marrow registry. I've usually thought about it after donating blood. Obviously, I'm not a doctor! =)

    Thanks for the information. I'm heading over there now to see if I can still get a packet.

  2. Rooting for Deana, even though I know her only through you, who I don't really know.

    One of twins in my twin mom group has been diagnosed with leukemia, so I let the group know about the Be the Match opportunity. At least four of us have attempted to register (although two were rejected for medical reasons).

    Know that people are listening. You're making a difference.

  3. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to point out quickly there that the bone marrow match program in Canada is called "One Match" and it's totally free.

    Please, everyone, regardless of country... do this. It saves lives, plain and simple.

  4. I was wondering what the heck happened... I thought it was on my end! Thankfully you are back in my reader and I am getting your blog updates!

  5. Cute picture of the kids but Henry needs a hat so he matches the others (after all he is the 4th triplet isn't he?) and it looks as if they all need a nap.
    Sounds like you need some password protected parental safeguards installed to prevent them from changing your settings. I know of a family who bought a second-hand 'kids only' computer with kid friendly programs and put impossible to hoop internet protection on it for the kids safety and their peace of mind.

  6. Jackie - we are working on the whole process of KEEPING a hat on Henry whenever we are outdoors. He is at the age of major resistance right now. So whenever we are indoors - like we are in this picture - I tend to relax a bit.

    The photo in this post does show them looking especially tired because they had just hiked all over Sea World and were taking a break watching a movie.

    We'll be looking in to buying another computer soon - - or setting up an account on our Mac that will be just for the kids to access. That's actually a good idea and something I hadn't considered until now... so, thanks.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I have thought about it in the past but I will check out the site again now..

  8. Tell Charlie I said Happy Father's Day!

  9. Great information. I will check it out.

  10. Yeah, I am on once again. Sadly there is a 60 year old age limit for stem cell donors, so that puts me just rooting for Deanna.

  11. Another reader hoping & praying for the best for your friend, and signing up to be a donor!

    As for computer time, we use a timer for our twins. When they were a bit younger they each got 5 min. and now at just over 3 1/2 they get 5-10 minutes at a time. It has eliminated most of the squabbles. They actually can be independent with taking turns and these days rely on the timer even less. It's like magic!-Karen

  12. Yes. I registered. But if they call me ya'll will hear me a-kickin and a-screamin; soz ya-betta-com-a-runnin.

    The boys have internet access but each are timed and only designated sights. (Curious George & all PBS is great) Actually, there was a show on Oprah about internet safety and which sights are safest for kids. Marg.

  13. Okay this happened to me today now I know why.....Great job again getting people motivated!

  14. I signed up for the bone marrow match program and just sent my q-tips back this morning. I'm actually a little excited - I hope I match someone I can help!

  15. I got my donor kit right in front of me. I'm planning on doing it tomorrow morning. You were the one that get me off my duff to register. Thanks.

  16. Now might be the time to set up that Easy Link computer toy a friend mailed to you a trillion yrs ago. The kids can get online without clicking on anything that might mess up your pc!

  17. I read your blog with admiration - four kids so young at once my three were nicely spread out and I still found it lots of work!
    I do remember how resistant little people can be. One of my daughters WOULD NOT wear a hat (the other one hated socks) In the summer we just kept taking her back in the house if the hat came off - not a popular discipline especially if the others were out playing. It took a few of weeks of her crying at the door and at times I thought I was nuts to keep it up but eventually she became a hat wearer.