Friday, June 19, 2009

from the archives

Today, I received an e-mail from a woman named Gloria who asked why I had stopped writing about Favorite Thing Friday. And well, it wasn't my intention to stop writing about favorite things on Friday ... I just found that my mind was wandering in different directions at around the same time my favorite thing well was starting to go a little dry.

But since I do have a few things in mind that I would like to write about, I was just scouring through my archives to see if I could find a picture of something I'd like to write about, later today. Or next Friday, if this day continues going as fast as it currently is. (How can it already be afternoon? Didn't we just have breakfast?)

In the course of scouring through my archives, I'm finding some old photos that are making my heart melt. This is one of them.

This is another.

And this is a picture of my husband a few months ago when I told him that one more baby would be so much fun.

If I remember correctly his exact response was, "You stay away from me, woman."


  1. But one more would be so much fun! At least for your faithful readers!

  2. Awe. So cute. hmm. I'm thinking he said ...


  3. thanks for the laugh! I do believe that that would also be my response (if I were a man). I have 3 kids seperated by many years and have enough problems with them I have noidea how youdo three at the same time!

  4. LOVE the pics -- so sweet and so precious. The cheerio on the nose is great, how long did it stay on?

    I really like the 'Favorite Thing Friday' post. I was listening to talk radio the other day and the speaker's topic was on how so many 'mommy blogs' are about complaining, or the negatives of being a mom. It does get tough, and writing can definitely be a form of therapy -- but focusing on the positives, and 'favorite things' is just so, well, positive!! Looking forward to when you start this again. And to your post on homeschooling : )

    Happy Weekend!!

  5. You're kids are just too cute.

  6. OMGosh what a great response by your hubby! The picture of William looks EXACTLY like your hubs' expression...priceless! Your kids are adorable! I am about to be a first time momma and have learned so much from your blog. Thanks for sharing so many mommy/parenting stories!

  7. trying to catch up on your blog.....Great pictures!

  8. I swear I always laugh at something when I read your blog, Jeff always wants to know what the heck I'm doing! then I read it to him, show him the pics, and he cracks up too!

  9. My kids are great at crawling around with Cheerios in their hair and on their faces. They don't seem to even notice.