Sunday, June 28, 2009

my stud and my little muffins

My husband is amazing. He finished his triathlon today. And while he had a great experience on the course - and finished with a very impressive time - he was humbled to discover that a 78-year old man beat him by two minutes.

I told him that if he keeps practicing, just think how good he will be 36 years from now.

William, meanwhile, was so inspired by what he saw on the race course today, that he came home and started training immediately. He told me that once the training wheels come off his bike, he wants to sign up for his first race.

And, would it be OK if he wore his Superman cape?

If Charlie keeps up with these triathlons - and our children follow in his footsteps ...

I love the idea that 36 years from now, they could be taking the triathlon race circuit by storm in their matching superhero capes.

Personally, I think that would be a really good look.


  1. Capes have been known to get caught in spokes...

  2. LOVE THIS POST! Hip Hip Hooray for Charlie!

    Ya know when I'm an 85 year old man... I can qualify for the Boston Marathon! Definately something to look forward to...;-) So I am right there with you both!!!

    Oh Boy! What a life we are going to have...

    A Big High Fives to you Charles! Marg

  3. Way to go Charlie, you stud muffin.

    Yes, older children have a "wonderful" influence on kids. Mine are a year older than yours. Bring yours over and we'll teach them how to do flipovers while saying the word "butt", which has become the funniest word in the entire language.

  4. Love the cape idea...LOVE IT.

  5. Congrats Charlie - good job! Great pictures!

  6. I love a man in a wet suit! Well, let me rephrase that --- one who looks like Charlie.

  7. Grannie Kathleen6/29/09, 4:40 PM

    Congratulations, Charlie:
    You get your great genes from your dad, who, at age 80, just last year.....took 4 gold medals in Swimming at the Arizona Senior Olympics!
    I am sure that your children will be studs and studettes, too.
    Jen, you need to swim! Not torture your body/feet in running and walking in races.
    How is Jim? Your dad?

  8. Good job Charlie...

    The boys could totally be stud muffins in a few years. :D