Monday, June 29, 2009

a new meaning for "boxed lunch"

One of Henry's all-time favorite activities is playing with a cardboard box.

He likes to climb in.

He likes to climb out.

He likes to sit down and stay awhile.

So one day last week, when the triplets wanted to eat their lunch outside ...

At the front of our house...

In an area where there is absolutely no fencing to hold in a curious toddler ...

I served Henry his lunch in a box.

He was happily and safely contained...

And sat for the entire duration of time we were outside, contentedly eating a grilled cheese sandwich, alongside his Toy Story posse.

When lunch time was over, we just pushed Henry and his box back in to the house. Then I dumped out all of his uneaten lunch and used it for him again, the very next day. (I just noticed that his box was for apples. Maybe that's why he liked it so much?)

Clean up is a snap!

Baby is contained and happy!

Change of scenery at the front of the house is fun and exciting!

All in all, this very well might be one of the most brilliant things I've ever thought up. (And quite possibly, the cutest.)


  1. You should've saved this for Favorite Thing Friday's post! Shayna loves to sit in boxes, too!

  2. I agree! Brilliant indeed!

  3. You should have named him "Jack".



  4. He looks like he is having a blast. Great idea.

  5. The triplets also loved boxes all kinds. Henry looks like Michael K.
    Adorable pictures.

  6. Truly, is there anything cuter than a two year old?? Loved your post!

  7. Great pictures! Very cute idea. My twins also love boxes!

  8. My boys played with a box all afternoon today. I wanted to actually put them all in a box today and ship them somewhere, but I thought better of it. Henry is such a cutie pie. I can't believe he is almost two.

    So speaking of APPLES, is Henry going to end up like that one girl, "I love apples more than the taste of a MILLION melons."

  9. Just as I was thinking that I needed to take Fiona (6) upstairs to practice her reading, she came and crawled into my lap while I was reading amazing trips...she did panic a little when she saw the car with the motorcycle in it, but as I scrolled thru this post she stated, "STOP". I want to read this! This was the perfect post for her to read. Lots of pics, lots of simple sentence in between....she really enjoyed this post...I also enjoy the pictures.So thanks...that was easy!