Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Chain Gang

Yet once again ... my short term memory loss comes in really handy.

Especially on a lazy Saturday afternoon when I am home alone and have three toddlers who are climbing the walls of our house ... while Dad is at the gym.

I figured that if I was ever going to be in a position where I could leave the house with the kids sans baby stroller ... we need to work on staying upright and not falling all over ourselves and each other our coordination with the safety harnesses. Post haste.

Truthfully, we had much better success walking around the block this time.

Perhaps most importantly, I remembered to bring my camera.

Everyone kinda stayed on the sidewalk - and I made the brilliant decision to tether the babies together, so I was only holding on to one "harness" and not three separate leashes straps.

There were only a few topples and one major pile-up.

The most notable topple came at the start of our voyage, when they ran in three different directions, and all wound up on the ground - looking at the sky. They quickly realized they had to move as a pack to prevent that from happening again.

The pile-up occurred when Elizabeth, who was the leader of the pack (with her ever faithful "Bunny" I didn't even realize she had him until I took this picture) ... came to an abrupt halt because she spotted a Cheez-It.

We love Cheez-It's.

But, we don't love Cheez-It's when they are on the ground and covered with ants. I would have stopped her before she picked up this tasty treat and stuck it in her mouth ... but these kids are lightening fast.

The Omniverous Ones strike again.

Several cars slowed down to gawk ... a few beeped their horns and waved ... and some actually stopped.

It took us 90 minutes to go 1/2 way around our block, so we were walking at a pace of approximately 0.005 miles per hour.

Stated another way ... the ants on the Cheez-It's were covering more ground than we were.

Fortunately, there were no rabbit droppings to worry about.

I'm thinking a cute Halloween costume would be to dress the kids in black and white pinstripes and load them in to their safety harnesses. Charlie and I would be Bailiffs.


  1. I LOVE the Halloween costume idea!!! You have to do that!
    These pics are precious...I so wish something like this would work with my kiddos!

  2. I'm telling you what. Whenever you write about those harnesses I just end up crying/laughing out loud over here. I can SO picture the pile ups and the clumsiness. That's lightning speed that you went around the block. I'm surprise your still not out there. I probably would be.

    Anyway, your kids are doing great on them and it's teaching them independence to walk by themselves. Keep up the good work. They're getting so big and they're just too cute.

  3. Okay, HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! I would honk and wave at you too!

    Your Halloween costume idea is a winner. How perfect. I bet you have days where you feel like the warden.

    Puppy costumes wouldn't be bad could pull off being a dog walker too.

    You have the cutest babies!!!

  4. I know I am commenting to your old diary, but I came upon your blog when I was searching for leaches for my two and a half years old triplets. Many told me that it won't work, because they get tangled up, but it looks like you found a great way to keep them together. I will go get ones and try them out. Hopefully my girls won't run out to the street or parking lots. (My boy is actually fine.) I will come back again to your site, to get some perspective about what may come next, as your triplets are older. Thank you for posting photos of the leaches and your babies together.