Sunday, May 18, 2014

worth every minute

When I open my blogger account, I can see how many posts that I've written and published (1855) and how many posts I've started to write, but are currently in draft format (51).  I'd estimate that with the story writing, and photo capturing, I've spent more than 5,000 hours, on the low end, dedicated to this blog over the past eight years.  And while I don't write nearly as much as I used to (lack of time, not desire or material) I'm so glad I have kept this space.


It has always been so therapeutic for me to sit down and write and during those really early days of parenting four little children, when I'd often feel overwhelmed with our circumstances, taking the time to document what happened during the day would allow me the ability to clearly see the awesomeness, and often hilarity, present in our lives.  


We have a strong marriage, and four healthy and happy children; this blog is an amazing testimony to the blessings that have been abundantly reaped upon us.  


Last year, Charlie turned my first year of blogging in to a book.  Since then - either for a birthday, or Mother's Day, or Christmas, he'll give me another "year" in book format.  We're currently up to four volumes of blog years and while I've long known that this blog was a gift for me,  I can now see how wonderful of a gift it is for our children because this blog is largely their story.


One night recently, I retrieved one of the volumes to share with a friend (and mother to three young children) who is also blogging.  She was feeling guilty that she was taking the time to sit down and write when she had so many other things she should or could be doing.  When our children saw the book I was sharing with her, they ran off to retrieve the other volumes, and then spent the rest of the evening flipping through the pages reading various stories that made them laugh until they cried.


This past week, Carolyn came home from school and told us what a tough day she had and how nothing would ever cheer her up, again. William thought for a moment before saying, "I know what will cheer you up ... let's read our blog!"


In that moment, when a smile erupted on her face and she jumped off her chair and yelled "YES!",  I promised myself that I'd really try to start blogging more often.