Monday, May 26, 2014

requiescat in pace

Our neighbor, a Navy veteran, sent us the following e-mail that he had received:
Dear USA: 
Today is Memorial Day. It is the day we honor our war dead, those warriors who gave what Lincoln called, "The last full measure of devotion."  Enjoy your barbecues, your mattress sales, and your community pool openings, but remember you do so because those honored dead made it possible. Please do not offer your thanks to me or any other living veteran. It is not our day. We came home carrying our shields; they came home carried on theirs.  Memorial Day is the day we raise our glasses to absent comrades. Thank me and my living brothers-in-arms (and sisters, too) on Tuesday.  But on Monday, turn your thoughts to the gardens of stone around the globe. See you at Section 60. 
We read this to the children this morning during breakfast, before turning to Google to find out how many US soldiers have lost their lives in battle.  Living just outside the nation's capital, we've visited most of the memorials and sights, such as Arlington National Cemetery, and the tomb of the unknown soldier.  This year we were planning to visit DC and "Rolling Thunder" again, but Elizabeth wasn't feeling up to a day trip with her arm in a full cast. So we stayed home, and could actually hear the thousands and thousands of motorcycles (estimate of approximately 10,000!) as they drove along I-66 on their way in to Washington, DC.


At 3:00 PM this afternoon, the children took a break from their playing, and Charlie and I took a break from our 100 Dirt Cup making (more on that later this week) for a moment of silence to honor those who have fallen during war, in duty to our country.

Rest in peace, fallen warriors.


Today, all 1.3+ million of you are in our hearts.