Friday, January 03, 2014


On New Year's Eve, we took our four children and my nephew inner tubing at a local mountain.  I'd never been inner tubing in the snow before and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.


If you've never been before, here's what happens next:  Once you procure your inner tube, you proceed to a line where you wait your turn to affix your inner tube to a T-bar that will pull your inner tube, with you nestled inside, to the top of a hill.


Then you zoom down the hill in slick lanes at a remarkably fast and out of control speed and hope you don't flip over and crack like Humpty Dumpty.  After your life passes before your eyes, and you promise to repent for all your sins, you manage to slow down at the bottom of the hill before you climb out of the inner tube and are fool enough to ride to the top via the T-bar again.


While you don't get much exercise huffing up the hill on foot, I exerted a lot of energy holding on for dear life during the descent while worrying about the safety of myself and loved ones.  But they were all fine - had a great time - and want to go again.  


At some point, Charlie and I noticed that we were the oldest people out there, by at least 10-20 years.


Perhaps the people our age, know better.