Tuesday, December 31, 2013

do not leave this life with your song still in you

We're in Massachusetts this week, visiting my family.


And like always, whenever we come up here, the flickering dream that Charlie and I have of what it would be like to sell off everything and move to New England, ignites!


Yesterday, we visited my sister, Janet and her husband, Bob, who live on a picturesque farm in central Massachusetts.  My sister, Janet, and I are kindred spirits. We're cut from the same cloth and have always shared many of the same dreams and passions. For example, we love decorating, gardening, organization and cute little knick knacks. Here's Baby Jesus from Bob and Janet's nativity, with a blanket made from wool from her own livestock...


Years ago, I wrote about a desire that I have to live off the land, raise sheep, and use their wool to knit blankets and hats. And not very long ago, Janet and her husband moved back to the 120+ acre farm where Bob spent his childhood and over the past few years, they have carefully restored the farm house which was built in 1760.  Their home is a real gem in the area.

They bought two sheep and now have 10.


Each spring they shear their wool, spin it in to yarn, and sell it in a little store that they set up on their property, which I wrote about three years ago.


My sister is living my dream and it was so much fun to spend the day together.  Here are the children with Wilbur, my sister's 18-month old angora rabbit.


In my life, I don't think we've ever seen a more adorable animal!


Even Charlie loved Wilbur!


The hair that Janet brushes from Wilbur is spun in to yarn ...


And used to make little hand-knitted animals that Janet also sells in her store.


Long story short, after a wonderful day and wonderful meals ...


And wonderfully thoughtful gifts from Janet's store...


We took a tour of their property.


And the kids told us they never wanted to leave.


Bob let Charlie take his new tractor out for a test drive...


And the next thing I knew, Charlie was talking with Bob about the plot of land that we could buy from them where we would build our house, and we could live nearby so our children would be closer to relatives, and experience real country living ... and I could work with Janet in her little store.


Everyone knows that we cannot leave this life with our song still in us.  And I think that a big change which will better align our spirits with the universe will be happening very soon.


So ... that's how we wrapped up 2013.

I'm so excited to see what happens in 2014!