Friday, December 27, 2013

favorite thing friday: the green machine

Well, you might imagine the tear that sprung to my eye today when I read the follow-up article in the Washington Post about the little girl named Christmas.  After I read the newspaper article to the children, one of them suggested that we read one of our favorite Christmas stories, Great Joy. So I did. But by then I was a teary mess, so we went outside and raced the Green Machines that Santa brought to us around the driveway…  



The weight limit is 180 pounds so you better believe that because I'm under that limit (by the Grace of God what with all the peppermint stick ice-cream and gingerbread cookies and fondue that have crossed my palate the past week), I was racing our children 'round and 'round and 'round and doing my best not to lose control.  I'd do great until I'd enter the second entrance on our circular drive, and would suddenly spin out and find myself facing up hill.  Sorry, there aren't any pictures of that. At least not that I'll post… 



Wow, those things are so much fun to drive - and such a work out!  These scenes are actually from Christmas morning, but as of today … 


My Carolyn is still the course champion.

(And our rule of wearing helmets when riding any wheeled toy have since been implemented).