Wednesday, December 18, 2013

you better watch out, you better not pout…

Santa is alive and well in our home, and over the past few weeks, our nine-year-olds have been crafting and re-crafting their letters to St. Nick.  I've been finding revisions scattered about the house. These are the most recent versions that I found, today...


Carolyn has indicated, on countless occasions, that she wants a pony for Christmas. There is nothing more that she wants than a pony, because she can't imagine a better gift in the WORLD. When I told her that it was not likely Santa would bring a pony, because we don't have a fenced in yard nor barn, today she added those items to her Christmas list. Along with a warm blanket and food to feed the pony, and poles for the pony to jump over. 


When I told her that even if we had a fenced in yard and barn, Santa probably still wouldn't bring a pony because there are restrictions against having ponies in our neighborhood.  So she immediately folded her hands in prayer and asked God that for Christmas, we be given free and equal rights to have a pony if we wanted a pony. I expect that her list to Santa will be updated tomorrow, capturing those requests in writing because she needs to ensure she's got all the bases covered.

If God doesn't deliver it, Santa hopefully will (and vice versa). 

William has created a list that I find interesting for a child who was sheltered from any kind of guns or military weaponry for the first eight years of his life. Perhaps this is what happens when you try to keep your children away from a specific subject. They chase it like a moth to the flame.  William would like new army boots (size 3), a gun - fake, but looks realistic; a new army tent, vest, pistols and holder, poster, helmet, desert suit, and iPhone. And sure, go ahead and throw in some football jerseys.  Redskins, Steelers, and Ravens - if you've got 'em Santa. 


William recognizes that although he was doing his "best", he might not get all of these things because he's spent a little bit of time on the naughty list.  It's refreshing that he's being honest about what at times can only be described as his less than stellar third grade boy behavior.  And I think his transparency about any shortcomings, and gratitude for whatever Santa wants to leave, automatically reduces the volume of coal that might have potentially been left in a stocking.


Then there's Elizabeth, with her adorable phonetic spelling, who is a perfect mesh between the wants of her sister, and the wants of her brother.  She wants a pony, guitar, and iPhone. But also a Redskins shirt, night vision goggles and her own little tent. (But the tent needs to be large enough so she can put the oversized stuffed bunny inside that she also wants Santa to bring).   She'd also like a mannequin, guitar, microphone and fishing gear.  I have no idea what a bump is? Anyone??


She had space for eight more items on her list - but then erased them because didn't want for Santa to think that she was being too greedy. Especially since William and Carolyn had only listed 12 items.

I truly love these little people. They are without question, the greatest gifts I've ever received. Yes, Carolyn. You're even better than a pony.