Saturday, April 27, 2013

flowers for his honey

Henry brought me home some flowers earlier this week.


He'd picked them on the preschool playground, placed them in his zippered backpack where they remained for a few hours, before he transported them home and lovingly presented them to me. "Here you go, HONEY!" he yelled. "These beeuteful flowahs are for my beeuteful Honey!  Now, Honey? Honey? Kiss me on the LIPS!" 


The next day he brought me home another bouquet and the root base was even larger.


  1. Totally unrelated to this particular post, but in honor of google reader disappearing later this summer I just migrated to bloglovin... and realized that google reader hasn't been updating your posts for about 2 months! I thought you'd just been busy (and had been too busy myself to actually click through to your blog to check). I wonder if any of your other readers have had this problem... Anyway, belated happy birthday.