Tuesday, April 30, 2013

now available in hard back!

A few days after I'd opened all of my wonderful birthday presents, I came home to see that the postman had left a package on our doorstep which was addressed to Charlie. So I brought the package in and showed it to Charlie and he swiftly went in to another room and opened it before coming out with something behind his back.  Then he presented to me one of the best birthday presents I've ever received...

My very own book!


Because he is a wonderful and incredibly thoughtful husband, without my knowledge, he found a company online that converts blogs to books and he took my entire first year of blogging and turned it in to what has become Volume 1 of The Amazing Trips.

Quite appropriately, it has been dedicated To My Family.


LOOK! There's even a table of contents!


The children went completely out of their minds when they saw that there were stories upon stories and pictures upon pictures of them in a real book format.  Considering all the writing that I've done about their lives, I told them that I don't want to hear another word about WAH! how hard it is to write six sentences in their homework journals each night.


While blogging has been a great means to capture moments and communicate with family and friends, if this blog were to go away - so, too, would so many of the stories and my memories about such things as the triplets birth...


And how we discovered baby Henry was on the way.


It was for that reason, that I allowed my custom domain (www.theamazingtrips.com) to expire this past March.  Fast forward 10 - 20 - 30 - 60 years, it's highly unlikely that someone (other than me) would continue paying for the annual renewal on a blog that was started in 2006.  And what about the day that Blogger goes away?  All of that time that I've devoted to capturing "our amazing trip of life" would go away, too.  So it's a good feeling to know that if/when this blog completely disappears, my children will have our family's legacy, captured in my writings and photographs.


To me, this blog has been a priceless labor of love. But if you had to put a price tag on it, the cost for the first year "Deluxe Version" was $167.00.  The second year (and subsequent years) will most likely cost more to convert to a book format because as time went on, so too did ahem, my volume of posts.  


To my descendants that may one day read these words:  It would appear that I have a tendency to drone on a bit more than is necessary.  (At least that's what my very own mother tells me.)  So I promise that from this point forward, I'm going to try and keep things more concise.  

Actually, that reminds me of a really funny story...

Oh, never mind. 


  1. What a treasure!!! I think you should give a copy to each of your children upon the birth of their firstborn! Good reading! I have cried over the years reading stories about your family. There is nothing like family.

  2. What a wonderful gift---I am so impressed with all the thoughtful things your hubby does and your Talent! Keep it up, but remember concise.

  3. How awesome! Charlie just won the husband of the universe award in my book.

  4. Oh and thanks for mentioning that you let the domain expire. I could NOT figure out why your posts did not show up in my reader anymore and now I know, why. :)

  5. YES! HOW AWESOME IS THAT????!!!!!!