Saturday, October 02, 2010

we love life

Last night, before we went to bed, we reminded the children that tomorrow (today) was the weekend. And on the weekends, we don't have to get up early for school or work. As such, the children, and us, would have the distinct pleasure of sleeping in past early o'clock.


It really seemed that everyone was so excited at the prospect of waking up in the morning, only to discover that they could roll over and go right back to sleep. And yet, this morning, our children - who we have to DRAG out of bed most weekday mornings - were climbing all over us at 30 minutes before the typical weekday wake up time.

Given that Charlie and I stayed up late last night painting (again) and then stayed up even later watching a classic Tom Hanks movie, the children waking up early this morning was a terribly painful inconvenience for us.


As we were laying in bed with our brood of offspring, we first tried to convince them to go back to sleep or play the QUIET game. And when that was unsuccessful, and they kept chattering on and on about the birds chirping and the air getting cooler and how many fun things we were going to do today, we told them that tomorrow they all have to get up for school. Leaving out the part that Sunday school is different in that Daddy and Mommy can sleep in until the sun has at least cleared the horizon.

My husband and I were slowly regaining our consciousness, when Henry climbed over my head and jumping off the bed, ran down the hallway to the kitchen and began to fumble around. While Charlie and I lay there, bargaining with each other to get up to go investigate WHAT exactly Henry was doing, our little tot made his way back in to our bedroom.

In one arm he was clutching a box of cinnamon Life cereal and an over-sized plastic serving spoon. With the other arm, he was dragging behind him a gallon of milk.


He came over to my side of the bed and hoisting the box of cereal up on my pillow declared, "I yuv Yife!*" At the site of the cereal box - all of the children jumped up and started bouncing around the bed while singing, "We LOVE Life! WE LOVE LIFE!!"


Charlie and I nodded in agreement that we, too, love Life.

So we dragged ourselves out of bed.


And gratefully made breakfast.

*Edited to add: For the purpose of posterity, a similar scene repeated itself this morning, and as I was listening to Henry I heard his pronunciation for "L" is "Ya" as opposed to "Wa". So Life is not "Wife" but rather, "Yife"!


  1. Henry looks so sweet. I bet he keeps life interesting for you.

  2. Bless his heart. I just love that little kiddo. Now...... snore. You exhaust me.

  3. So sweet . . . reminds me of when my now 34-year-old son was about Henry's age, and greeted us in the morning with "I need Raisins Bran."

  4. I'm with Henry. I wuv wife also!

  5. Jim and I had Life for Breakfast this morning also. I had never tried it before being introduced to it by Henry---so Life is good.
    Then, I went for a swim at the Y. This morning they had bikes in the water for Hydro Therapy but they were all taken so I just swam.

  6. jen, The red is to vivid in the dinning room, use semi gloss for the third coat as well and don`t paint the brick. Now you can tell me to mind my own business. Love, Mary across the street from Mary

  7. Amanda in MS10/2/10, 3:36 PM

    Loved this story! Yall are so happy and that brings a smile to my face.

  8. Life can be so sweet

  9. I wish there was a "Like" button like on facebook here :)

  10. Oh Henry!!! He just loves to eat. The house looks beautiful really coming along. Thanks so much for your call, tough day, BUT we got through. Your Mums are coming back reminding me of your devotion snf love. Hopefully, I'll see you soon. Your doing a great job. Henry, we all wov you too.

  11. In terms of getting the children up during the week and to sleep in on the weekends. I've always wanted to try setting an alarm with a radio when I was a live-in Nanny. During the week your kids need to wake up and start getting ready once the music starts playing. Checking on them after a few moments to make sure they are awake. Then on the weekends tell them they must stay in their rooms and play quietly or read (except for visit to the bathroom)until the music plays. If they do leave before the music (like when they get distracted by that shiny thing over there on their return from the bathroom) promptly return them to their rooms. The trick here is to set the alarm later on the weekend then during weekdays so eveyone can sleep in, or atleast stay quiet so you can get more shuteye. Now switching the times may only work till they start telling time, and catch on that on Saturday the alarm goes off later then it did on Friday.

  12. As quotable quotes go, that's a keeper.

  13. Miss you guys...It sounds like everyone adjusted just fine. Give its a call sometime, in the meantime I'm going to buy me some LIFE! Thank You Henry o;)