Sunday, October 17, 2010

happiness is...

After the challenges of removing wallpaper in our dining room, to discover that the wallpaper in our long hallway and high entry way did this...







Had both Charlie and I singing a jig and doing a happy dance. We were preparing for wallpaper removal in this portion of our home to take a solid six months.




Last night we were up sanding the glue off the walls. Today, we're going to paint the hall ceiling. We're also hoping to paint all of the walls after we go out and buy a HUGE ladder that will allow us to reach the top of the entryway. That ladder will also be used to reach the gutters, eaves, windows at the back of the house and limbs of various trees in our yard.

After living in a brand new house in California, where there was virtually no maintenance, my head is spinning a bit at all the things we have to do in our "new" home.

I'll post before and after pictures once we're completely finished, but as a teaser, we're painting the hallway Mushroom Bisque, which is a shade or two lighter than the Basketry that we painted in our living room. Since these two rooms are adjacent, we thought the colors would blend nicely. We're then planning to paint all of the door frames and baseboards semi-gloss white.

We'd eventually like to replace all of the doors with solid doors but considering we have 1,000,000 other things that we'd like to do and not $1,000,000 to spend, we might just paint the doors and replace the hardware.

Home improvements, we're discovering, involve some compromise.


  1. oh man.

    I sort of hate you for having wallpaper that comes off like that. the wallpaper in *my* 100 year old house comes off in tiny little shards. "hey, have you tried...?" YES. I have tried EVERYTHING.


  2. Oooh, that must have been the best treat!! We have the same hallway and someone painted a floor to ceiling mural on it. I don't know how often you'll need the ladder, but if it's just a day or two here and there, check out your big box stores like Home Depot. They'll usually rent it for $35 a day. Totally worth it.

  3. The mushroom bisque sounds great and so happy that you are using semi gloss on everything and not gloss. Happy Halloween love.mary

  4. I swear I could hear angels singing as I saw that paper pull off clear to the top! :) Happy for you!

  5. Do you find it like peeling a sunburn??

    This is awesome news for you and Charlie!

  6. GAH! What a lucky thing to have the wallpaper come off in that manner!! OR, you have someone watching over this remodel and that hallway after all!

  7. Wow, that must have been so exciting to pull it all off so quickly!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Also, if you are still thinking about a window treatment for the bay window in your front room/living room, what about wood blinds? They look clean, can be any color (natural wood or white probably for your room) and keep plenty of light coming in while giving you privacy at night. Just an idea :)

  8. That actually looks like alot of fun! I have to go read up on your latests posts! I can't wait to see more!

  9. Boy oh hit the jackpot with the way that wallpaper is coming off....I am so envious. I have taken down a ton of wallpaper but never like that.

    Can't wait to see more pictures of the remodeling...oh...and of the cute kiddos as well........


  10. THE house is getting so beautiful and cozy. Congratulations to all of you. I wish you lots and lots of happiness in this new home surrounded by the loving of this cute children you do have!!