Friday, October 22, 2010


As we were clearing out the garage this past weekend, we discovered that our beloved BOB dualie stroller, which had been packed up and secured at our house in San Diego, was partially eaten by a rat.


Perhaps more painful than the fact that this happened is that:

1) We still have a need our dualie stroller.

2) Rats also damaged our dualie bike carrier.

3) We still have a need for our dualie bike carrier.

4) Rodent damage is not covered by our home insurance.


You know, I never have liked rats very much.

I'm just hopeful there aren't any in Virginia. Or if there are, they don't have an appetite for high-end baby equipment that we still need.


  1. Congratulations :) What brilliant news. How blessed can you be xxxxx

  2. That sucks! is having a sale on BOB Strollers right now -- 20% off plus free shipping. I know they are still really expensive even with the discount but they rarely go on sale so I thought I would mention it. Coupon code is 20OFF.

  3. That is horrible. Those vile creatures--how dare they? We have rats in this area but I've never seen them. People struggle with mice more here, especially in the fall when it starts to get cold. We've got a cat, so I think we're good. We hope. If you have rats in your new house, you better get a dog quick.

  4. call Bob - they may be able to just ship a replacement for the material portion of the stroller for a significantly less amount of money than an entirely new stroller. We had a Phil&Teds and they were able to do this for us (not rats, but a very very adorable puppy that we just couldn't live without).

  5. oh no!!!! it makes you want to take a shovel and chop the head off of it. Well hopefully you can find a used one and that you can get rid of the rats ASAP!!! BUMMER!!!

  6. The thought of rats makes my skin crawl!!! Sorry that you lost so many good things that you could still use. Hope that you have seen the last of them.

  7. We lost a whole Gorilla Rack full of our BEST REI sleeping bags, hydro bags, tent, etc. from rodents nesting, peeing and pooping on our gear one winter!! It was so disgusting we had to throw it all out. I couldn't believe all fo the damage those little critters made! So sorry about your stuff :o(

  8. Hate to break it to you, but there are rats here in VA as well. And we had a couple in our garage last winter, and they DO like high end baby equipment, as they at through my daughters infant car seat straps!

  9. Ahhh, cheap.

    Yet another reason I love Alaska! No rats. Or snakes. Or spiders that bite and hurt.

    I would be very freaked out if I knew a rat even stepped on my stuff. Ick. I'm not too scared of bears, but rats...they freak me out.