Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sky mall!

Yesterday morning at 8:30 AM, I boarded a plane for San Francisco. This morning at 10:00 AM, I boarded a plane for Washington, D.C.

Seeing as I'm not a pilot, flying coast-to-coast and then back again, less than 24 hours later, verges on crazy.

As I was sitting in my seat for my transcontinental flight, the October issue of Sky Mall caught my eye. And for the next hour, I had to stop myself from laughing out loud as I flipped through looking at the "stuff" they had for sale.

Have you ever seen anyone using one of these things on an airplane?

If so, did you point your finger and snicker?


Maybe not. Although, if you own one of these Brobdin dang yo yo what's up chairs, I think you might be prone to a little bit of ridicule. When I showed Charlie this picture he said, "How much do you want to bet that guy also dresses up in diapers?"


With Christmas right around the corner, here are some great gift ideas.

What tree (other than mine) doesn't need a "Bigfoot the Yeti" holiday ornament?


And what living room (other than mine) doesn't need a Basho the Sumo Wrestler statue and matching table?


No? Well, what about a six-foot Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai statue?


Perhaps you'd prefer to help promote little Jimmy's spy tactics?


Check it out! Invasion of privacy, in a stocking stuffer size!


This section on Star Wars gear had me totally cracking up.


There are lightsaber chopsticks, a toaster that cooks Darth Vader right on your bread and wait! Is that a Tauntaun sleeping bag for a GROWN MAN?

Dude. Seriously?


As for this, it reminded me of Henry and our little incident with the Washington, D.C. police department.


While we're on the topic... did you know that potty training your feline friend is easier than potty training a child?


What's that? You don't have a cat - you have a dog? Well lucky day! You can simply teach your dog to ring a doorbell when it's time to go.


Or, you can just let them go inside.

Hurrah ... little FeeFee is making a WeeWee!


It's alright, SLEEP IN you lazy sack of...!

Pop up sprinklers will rinse it all clean!!


Oh good heavens. Is that a COLLIE?


Of course, now it all makes sense why Sky Mall is marketing all of this gear to help combat migraines.





If I had to clean up an indoor poop mat after an 80-pound Lassie, I'd most certainly be wearing a silver headache helmet everyday.


  1. SO AWESOME! Mark and I always try to find the corniest (is that a word?) item in the magazine! Thanks for the laugh!! I'm SO ordering that sleeping bag!

  2. You know, my boys would take one of those Easter Island statues. They love those rock guys. How do I order? I'll put it in the front yard. The HOA will love it.

  3. My 14 yo son loves to look at SkyMall and has been known to specifically request one be brought home to him from a trip. They do have some really ODD offerings. I wonder who buys them? tipsy businessmen who think its a good idea at the time??

  4. you always make me laugh out loud. always! thank you! :)

  5. Actually, we saw a couple of people using that wedge pillow thingee on our flight to London last year. I kind of envied them, actually....

    And thank you for this post. You've given me some excellent gift ideas for my in-laws.

    By the way, we were in San Diego last week to watch our son graduate from Marine Corps boot camp. Amazing experience. We stayed in Old Town and enjoyed it very much. We even saw a chicken riding on a dog's back. If you ever take your children back for a visit, they might enjoy the graduation ceremony - it's very impressive and the Marine Corps band is fantastic.

  6. SO FUNNY! Just they allow you to knit while in the air? You most certainly will be needs scarves and mittens soon.

  7. You have to be the funniest human being I have ever met! This post was HILARIOUS!

  8. I have to admit that the strange airplane pillow is a little tempting, and would be helpful on the 14-hour flights...when you will do absolutely anything to sleep for most of the flight, nothing is too ridiculous. (Fleece pyjamas, slippers, neck pillows, real pillows, eye masks, ear plugs...these are my normal carry-ons) But I think it would only work if the person in front of you doesn't put their seat back the entire way!

    Seriously, there must be a market for these things, otherwise they wouldn't be in the magazine? ...makes you wonder.

  9. LOL a million times...I loooove reading SkyMall for this exact purpose - who the heck buys this stuff?! I will say, though, my hubby thinks the Tantuan sleeping bag is genius. Your descriptions cracked me up. :-)

  10. Absolutely hilarious! And . . . my son gave his girlfriend, a Star Wars fan, a tauntaun sleeping bag last Christmas. And it's really neat!

  11. Ahh, story of our lives, traveling! :)

    In early November I am traveling from Kotzebue to Barrow, which in retrospect is only like 400 miles away. But in order to get there, first you have to travel to Anchorage, due opposite 600 miles south, then up to Faribanks, and onto Barrow.

    I get off the plane back home from Barrow, overnight in my bed, and then take the ENTIRE brood, all six of us to Hawaii. From Kotzebue to Anchorage, direct this time to Hawaii. My sister-in-law goes through Seattle. THEN, three days after we get back from Hawaii both my husband and I go back down to Anchorage for a weeklong conference (work paid honeymoon!)

    I love SkyMall! :)

  12. OMG! That was hilarious. I was actually at a UGA tailgate a few weeks ago and saw someone with the Brobdin chair. I wondered where in the heck you got something like that. Now I know..thanks for the laughs.