Sunday, April 11, 2010

to infinity and beyond

Henry is infatuated with Buzz Lightyear.


I'd wager there couldn't be more than a handful of children on this entire planet who dig the space hero as much as our little tyke.

Relying upon the one remaining very well worn and permanently stained and partially shredded Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume that I bought for his siblings two years ago, he will put on his suit and run around the house pushing the button on his arm to trigger the "laser."

(Here he is with his cousins who were also depressing their laser beams.)


He knows all the words (or at least the melody and chorus) to the title song, "You've Got A Friend in Me." And he has a stash of mini characters from the Toy Story cast that he carries around with him at all times.

We don't watch the movie very often. Maybe once every couple of weeks. But whenever we do watch it, he goes absolutely nuts. Screaming, yelling, pointing "BUZZ! MOMMY! DADDY! MOMDADMOMDADMOMMYDADDY! ID'S BUZZ WIGHTYEAR!!" If I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner, he'll leave the movie and come running to find me, grab me by the hand, and drag me in to show me Buzz Lightyear on the big screen.

And then he goes in to such a tizzy he almost passes out while yelling, "WOOK!! WOOK!! ID'S BUZZ WIGHTYEAR!!!"

If his language skills were more advanced I'm sure he'd add:

The greatest being ever concocted is HERE.

In OUR living room.

We have a friend, Jeanmarie, who has triplets the same age as our trio. When the children were younger, we would get together once a week - and whenever we did - I always thought it was interesting that her daughter would be dressed up as a Teletubbie.


Although Jeanmarie would tell us that her little girl had picked out her own clothes and she had NOTHING to do with dressing her up as a Po, I was hard pressed to believe that a two-year-old would have such a strong opinion on matters.

And then I had Henry.

So to Jeanmarie, I'm very sorry I ever doubted you. I'm currently of the mindset that it would be easier to part the Red Sea than to convince my son to wear something OTHER than his Buzz Lightyear costume.


Whenever we go out and Henry is in his uniform, with Toy Story characters clutched in each pudgy hand, I get a mix of looks. There are those that give me funny stares and raise their eyebrows as if to say, "What kind of parent lets their kid go out of the house in a costume that looks like it has been on the bottom of a dumpster for the past two years?"

And then I get the kind smiles and nods of understanding from those people who at some point in their life, must have had first hand experience with a head strong two-year-old. I know what battles I'm willing to fight and Henry's obsession with Buzz Lightyear isn't one of them.

When the triplets were Henry's age, they had their blanket and stuffed animal loveys. Buzz Lightyear, in any form, is Henry's lovey.


He has hand sewn Buzz Lightyear pajamas, courtesy of his talented Aunt Kathy. He has a six foot long Buzz Lightyear towel, courtesy of our neighbor, Karen. He has a Buzz Lightyear bathing suit, courtesy of his brother who spotted it while we were shopping at Costco. He has an assortment of Buzz Lightyear action figures, courtesy of the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and his mother who caves every time she sees one in the store. (Yes, I know I'm feeding his addiction.)

And now he has a Buzz Lightyear lunch box that he takes with him everywhere he goes.


I can just imagine him toting his lunch to work in this thing when he's 30.

Of course if he is, I suspect he'll also still be living at home with us.


  1. Hey, at least it's clothes! ;)

  2. We would fall into the smile and nod category. Our son's infatuation is Thomas. For the past three years he has been obsessed to the point where you can walk past an isle and he will start urging you, "Go BACK! Go! BACK!" only to find there is one character playground ball wedged between a hundred other character balls on the other end of the isle that has his beloved on it. *sigh* We figure he will grow out of it one day... maybe... In the meantime, we at least know how to bribe him.

  3. My youngest sister was like that, only it was with an outfit I'd made her. All day, everyday she wore that outfit no matter that the red had faded to pink and the white polka dots were something less than white, she wore it until I could no longer extend the pieces to fit her body and damn 5 year olds grow fast!

  4. I have a photo of my oldest at the hospital when my daughter was born, holding the new baby, wearing a batman mask and cape. I can only imagine how having the pointy eared, black-masked face staring down at her in her first two hours of life must've scarred her. But honestly, we could not get that thing off of him for two entire years. Best part? He would tell everyone he was Superman. Heh.

  5. This post made me laugh! My brother dressed as Superman for several years. My mom even made him pajamas that looked like a suit. He would wear them over the Superman, so that he could be Clark Kent. Then he would rip them off and become Superman. He is now a 30 year old college graduate, holding down a good job. He no longer wears Superman. Henry will be just fine!

  6. I love that you are experiencing the very same Toy Story mania that I have been living for the past 3 years!

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from yard sales or you will end up with a bin full of old Toy Story dolls from many years ago. When people saw my son's reaction to these toys they would want to "just let him have it". They thought it was adorable that he loved something so much.

    I am glad that you found this little lunch box. Now Henry has a convenient way to carry his toys around, "in style" (similar to Buzz's flying technique).

    Mark June 18th on your calendar, we did!

  7. Oh yes. This is my Sam. Though his obsessions last for about two days and have a rotation between about 4 toys. Thomas, Buzz, Handy Manny and lightning McQeen.

    If one goes missing.. we are all in a great deal of trouble!

  8. i understand- my daughter has her snow white dress, which we call SWD (homage to LBD)...and she wore it for about 9 months straight and rarely took it off. we still have it and she still wears it- even though it's in tatters and we bought her a new one!!!


    post about SWD (one of many):

  9. How very cute. Been there - and I let him wear the costume too.

  10. we have a woody costume I'd gladly send you if that would fascinate him as well?!

  11. I have a buzz lightyear costume only worn twice, size 4. I would love to send ot to you it now longer fits my little guy who is also a buzz light year fan.
    Please let me know if you are intrested...its yours if you want it.

  12. So cute!

    And I would be one of those moms who grins with understanding. We had a hard time finding Jake a Buzz Lightyear toy for Christmas when he was two and a half, so my brother brought one from Seattle and snuck it to a Christmas party we were at. Jake took it in his arms and said, "I've been waiting for you my whole life!" and didn't let go for the next three weeks.

    So, I totally understand, stained costume and all.

  13. My boy is close, not quite, but close to matching Henry's obsession with Buzz Lightyear. He has two pairs of Buzz Lightyear jammies and two Toy Story t-shirts that he wears until they are gross enough to walk on their own. He also has a Buzz action figure, Buzz (and Woody) jibbetz on his pair of Crocs, and he still gets giddy when he sees Buzz appear on our television. He has been talking about seeing Toy Story 3 in the movie theatre for six months, and has watched the previews so many times that he knows them by heart. He'll stop dead in his tracks when the Walt Disney World commercial comes on that highlights the Toy Story themed ride. His response every time he sees the commercial? "Mom, we HAVE to ride that ride. SOON!"

    I see it as a connection to his passion for space. He loves reading and learning about the moon, the solar system, and the stars. He has said many times that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. And Buzz is as close to a "real" astronaut as he can get right now.

    Compared to some of the Disney characters, I personally think Buzz is a pretty cool dude.

  14. My son is now eight and I still yell out "train" every time we see or hear one. It was all about the trains (and conductor overalls!!) for so long...old habits die hard. He still LIKES trains, nowadays, but no longer with the he once did. I am not even sure when exactly we crossed over...during Kindergarten I think. (Of course, his two younger brothers (one named Thomas...what? It's a good name if it is a bit train-y) have no particular interest in trains...but the littlest is just 1 so we will see...)

  15. My oldest was similar, but for him it was all about Batman. I have fond memories of wandering through a very crowded Whole Foods with Batman while pushing triplets in a stroller - talk about an attention getter!

  16. I have to agree with you on SO many of your posts ... I just wish I had more time to comment!

    1- Why is it okay for a kid to be waiting for the kindergarten bus with his/her thumb in his mouth - but I get looks when my 26 month old puts his pacifier in his mouth?! You know what? I've started not to care what the naysayers think ... My goal is to get rid of it by the time he's 3. And be thankful it's not his thumb ;)

    2 - Henry looks absolutely adorable in his Buzz outfit. He's TWO ... not twelve. Let him wear it because soon enough he won't want to and you'll miss that little guy ;)

    3 - My third is the same way. The most adorable little being you've ever seen, but such a tyrant at the same time ;) BUT he's so used to being with older kids and he's acting the only way he knows how - even if it's tackling the little girl half his size at the gym - OOPS!

    I love reading your posts ... I relate to you SO much. Seriously contemplating the idea of a 4th while the three I have have me considering locking myself in the closet some days. Not as often lately though ... My husband and I have been trying to use your methods from your 'soul food' posts and I'm trying to do a better job of being thankful each and every minute for the little blessings that I have (even when they are tyrants) ... I know way too many people that have lost theirs!

  17. Today at the coffee shop I saw a little boy dressed as Buzz Lightyear and it made me giggle because I thought of this post. ( I hope the Dad didn't think I was laughing at the child!)

    Maybe it's the art teacher in me talking, but we can't stifle creativity and silly as it may seem. Or else they grow up thinking that being themselves, being different, that having new ideas and colourful thoughts is WRONG.

    And the last thing we need are more self-conscious posers just trying to blend into the crowd.

  18. Love this! My two year old triplets are obsessed with Buzz right now. They'd get along well with Henry, I think. :) (In fact, I posted a picture yesterday of one of mine wearing his new Buzz Lightyear pajamas.)