Friday, October 23, 2009

news on the street

So, regarding my post on Wednesday?

That was some outstanding feedback!!

First there was my cousin Margaret who said she wanted to do the 3-Day walk in Hawaii. (Maggie, this wasn't even an option. Did you look at the list of cities?!)

Then there was Jen who said she wants to do the 3-Day walk in Washington, DC. (Jen, this is an option. Well done, I'd love to walk with you in the Nation's Capital!!)

Then there was my mother who said she'd like to do a walk, but sixty miles is way too far, and why don't we do the one-mile lung cancer walk in South Carolina?

Thanks Mom. I love how you always give me an out.

As of now, it's looking like the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk in Nation's Capital October 8-10, 2010 with the Caine Halter Lung Cancer 1-mile walk in Greenville, South Carolina sometime in November 2010. Both of those events should be easy to attend since all sources indicate we will be living somewhere in that area within the next 12 months.

(Oh yes. I did just kind of sorta not really make an announcement.)

Meanwhile, the children have reached the narking stage. They are tattling on each other - and Charlie and I - constantly.

For instance, this morning, William told me that yesterday daddy took him to the beach and forgot to put his hat on and he got a terrible, terrible sunburn. When I looked at his face I told him that it didn't look like he was burned at all. He gave me a frown and said, "Yeah. But I could HAVE."


  1. I actually looked at the link and was going to suggest Cleveland (closest for me) but I got distracted and couldn't type my comment. Washington would be doable, though, too!
    If you were making an announcement, Woooo-hooooooo! The thought of moving accross country with 4 little ones is a bit daunting, but how exciting that you'll be MUCH closer to family. So very exciting!

  2. Tattling was the issue in our house last year- aarghh- bad memories. We started the Tattling or Telling approach. Tattling is to get someone in trouble, telling is because of immediate physical harm or danger. Give them lots of good examples when you first implement it. I like this approach because when you have multiple young kids in your house, you need the extra eyes to tell you when someone's in trouble- but they need to learn to do it responsibly.

    When a child comes to you to tattle on someone. They are asked if they are tattling or telling. If your kids are visual you can make little cards with happy face/'tell' on one side and sad face/'tattle' on the other- just hand them the card (no discussion required from the parents) and let them decide. I kept one in my pocket for awhile.

    They get to choose, but if there tale turns out to be tattling- both the child at fault and the tattler receive consequences. There were times they chose to tattle because the selfish desire was so strong, but they also did the time for it. It cut the tattling for us completely in a matter of weeks and is now almost nonexistent.

    Happy mediating :)

    P.S. Thanks for all your great efforts and awareness for cancer. My daughter is fighting kidney cancer and I now know first hand how much more research funding is needed- especially for children's cancers (the least funded).

  3. I am totally, totally, totally in for the 1 mile walk in South Carolina. Greg's father died from lung cancer when my triplets were 7 months old. I look at a picture of him, holding my babies, every single day on my refrigerator and wish my kids would be with their Grampy.

    I have never been to South Carolina either. I AM SO SO SO SO IN.

    I am all about 1 mile. All about it.

  4. You are so inspiring!

    Next year I'm going to try really hard to participate in "The Weekend to End Women's Cancers" in Toronto.

    Also, I know that my boyfriend's family wants to participate in a walk to raise money for The Kidney Foundation of Canada ( because his father has been in dialysis for years so it's a near-and-dear cause for them.

    I really want to make a difference like you are!!!

  5. The kids sound like they are a lot of fun. You should keep some of their comments on a special page as they are so funny. I am sure they would love to read them later as they grow up.

  6. Holy cow I had to read that post twice to make sure I read it right about your move!! :) Amazing.

    Ahhhh my girls are also in the tattling stage isnt' it great. They love to tell my mister when I have done something wrong. Bummer!!

    Also Jen you will be pleased to know because of you and your inspiration. I have now lost a total of 90lbs since the second week of January. Simply by diet and exercise. It all started because you talk about marathons, and walks, and so I am hoping to do my first marathon next year!!!

  7. Heather, that is SO awesome!!!

    I'm so glad to hear that I've been inspiring people. Maybe I need to go back and read some of my posts because I think I've put on 5 pounds in the past month...!!!

    We're doing the 3-Day walk next year in Washington, DC. I don't know where you live, but maybe you can join us. Isn't it funny? I haven't even done one 3-Day walk and yet, I'm already planning my NEXT one...

  8. Woo! Now I am excited! So, this means I have a little less than a year to get ready! I guess I better stop eating those Joe Joe's. Maybe by then we will have figured out how to get around this place!

  9. What? No Walk in Hawaii? Make it happen. (Your Uncle Bill would.)

    So. I take it from your comment your move will be closer to D.C.?? ;-) That's okay. I love D.C.!!

    Heather. I know you don't know me but I am so proud of you!! Keep up the good work. Your inspiring to me! That's fantastic.

    See you in November for the Caine Halter.(??) Love, Marg

  10. Okay. You are moving? WHA?

  11. If you do the DC walk, I'll join you. I promise!

  12. If you guys do the DC walk I will be sure to be at the cheering stations and closing ceremonies!!! I don't think I will be able to do the walk myself... hoping to be 8 or so months pregnant then ;~) But I will be your biggest supporter! Seriously, anything you need while your here!

    Seriously... so giddy about the prospect of you coming out here!