Saturday, October 17, 2009

how we'll be spending our saturday

This is where we spent last weekend ...

And this is where we'll be again, all day today.

If you live in San Diego, please come see us at the La Jolla Cove where we'll be hosting our Fourth Pink Lemonade Project. Charlie baked 300 cookies yesterday and we'll have at least 25 gallons of lemonade, balloons and bracelets.

If the beautiful sights and fresh air blowing off of the Pacific Ocean aren't enough to bring you joy, homemade chocolate chip cookies and pink lemonade served up by preschoolers in a cup size of your choice, will surely put a smile on your face. And if it doesn't ... you might want to check your pulse.


  1. My sister lives in SD and I'm sending her the link!

  2. I just saw your post & put the info on Facebook since I've got a ton of friends who still live in San Diego. Are you going to be out there next weekend? If so, let me know so I can let my friends know about your cause.

  3. Wish I was there! Looks beautiful AND fun!

    Good luck with the sale.

  4. Sadly, I'm a few thousand miles away but I do wish a successful day. Who could resist 5 year old triplets?!

  5. How I wish we were on that side of the country. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to make my own lemonade this weekend. Also, very jealous of your sun--nothing but rain and chill at my place.

  6. I was in your fair city on Saturday! I was returning to Portland after coming from a cruise. I wish I had known about this, as I could have taxied over to meet you and the little ones as I had four hours before planes. Sorry I missed this opportunity, but I know you had a great day. It was so foggy when we docked, but after it burned off, what a beautiful, sunny day.

    You are blessed with your wonderful sunny climate! ( I returned to thunder and lightening with the rain!)

  7. I hope that your fundraising went well today.

    I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the inspiration, even if it's not what's in you Wednesday. Just yesterday, I competed, and more importantly COMPLETED my first ever race - a half marathon. I'm feeling it today, but it's an acoomplished soreness.

    I don't think I would have ever found the internal strength to chose such a goal or REACH it - even if it did take 4 hours 11 minutes and 40 seconds, and a last place finish (by an hour exactly) - without the inspiration and humor you share.

    Hopefully this is just the first step for me and there's a slimmer, faster me, waiting somewhere in the not so distant future :-)

  8. smldada: YOU HAVE TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!! My week even!!!

    That is AWESOME that you completed your first race!!! Who the heck cares how long it took. YOU DID IT!!!