Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what's in you wednesday

I'm away from home this week at a trial in Los Angeles. And because my mind has turned to absolute mush after spending a long day in the courtroom and conversing ad nauseum with attorneys (whom I like very much, by the way), I am going to keep this post short.

Let's see ... what's important for me to convey this week?

1) Our walking team, "The More the Merrier Walkers for Knockers" has been registered for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in November. Anyone that signs up to walk, needs to raise a minimum of $2,300.00. If that seems like a lot, please do not be discouraged. You can do it. I can help.

2) I hope to start working on the fundraising efforts, soon. And since I haven't really done anything to solicit donations (except put a button on my blog), I was happily surprised to see that I received my first donation to the breast cancer walk from my awesome sister-in-law, Susan. So, thank you Susan. It's easy to see why your little brother loves you so much!

3) During the 3-Day walk, accommodations will be provided. However, if you are thinking of flying in to San Diego a day or two early and want to know whether or not you can stay with me, I'd say the chances of that are slim. Perhaps if our house was greater than 1,700 square feet and had more than one functional toilet. And most importantly ... if my husband didn't panic at the thought of a stranger from the internet sleeping on our couch.

4) It is darn near impossible to eat healthy when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings with a group of ravenous attorneys. In the past two days, I have consumed no less than 5,000 calories a day and the most exercise I have completed has come from raising a fork to my mouth. Within the past 36 hours, I have spent 10 hours sitting at a table and during that time, I have consumed two filet mignon steaks, herb crusted halibut, seven glasses of red wine, one hot fudge sundae, one bowl of fresh fruit and cream, something called a "chocolate explosion", mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach drizzled with garlic butter, sushi, sashimi, green beans and mozzarella, turkey and brie, a ciabatta roll, a bagel, a croissant, innumerable pats of butter, a cup of cream cheese, a slab of bacon, crab stuffed mushrooms, barbecued shrimp, gumbo, an omelet, hash browns and a partridge in a pear tree. On the upside, I also ate four salads. Although, come to think of it, each of those salads could have been a meal, by itself.

5) Tomorrow, I plan to eat only ice chips and hit the gym at 5:30 AM.

6) This trial, which was supposed to end this week, is now expected to go through the second week of September. Unfortunately for my cholesterol level, I need to be present, the whole time. I fear for my pants and am considering the purchase of several elastic waistband suits.

I never thought I'd say it, but I can hardly keep up with these guys. They pick out an appetizer, then they have soup and salad a main entree and dessert. And then, they have cappuccino. At every meal, minus breakfast, they eat this way. Why, just tonight as we were walking back to our hotel from the restaurant where we had dinner, we stopped at another restaurant to peruse the menu and contemplate whether or not we wanted to eat there, tomorrow.

We're taking gluttony to a whole new level.

(Of course they also work out like maniacs and look like they're chiseled from stone.)

So, who has some tips for how to eat healthy when you travel with a group of food connoisseurs that order one of everything on the menu?

Fake food allergies?



  1. Good luck with the fundraising. I'll have to wait until the next paycheck. :(

    Are half-portions an option at these amazing-sounding restaurants?

  2. Here's a good tip - if I know my stomach and waistline can't handle a three course meal, I go with maybe an appetizer salad, followed by another appetizer for the actual meal. That usually fills me up, and I don't leave the restaurant on piggyback because I'm SOOO full. Sometimes places will give you a half portion meal if you ask, too!

  3. Its always a challenge to eat healthy "on the road". One of my friends works away from home alot, and what she did was try to get a room with a fridge, and then buy some of the basics that were a little healthier and eat in her room a little more often. If it is not imperative that you eat with them every meal, perhaps try catching up with them at the "cappuchino" phase of the meal?

    On a completely unrelated topic.. I was struck today by how small this world can be..

    Out of the blue on Facebook, I received this notice.. about honouring Deana.

  4. I don't know what to tell you right now because my preggo brain tells me to eat Taco Bell and McDonalds... so I won't be of any help! I just can't get enough of crunchy tacos and bean burritos! CRAZY!

  5. Here's one that works for me: Only order from the left side of the menu (apps, salads, soups) and not the right side (main courses, pastas, deserts). This way, you can have a multi-course meal and only eat small portions. I usually find most of the best stuff in the restaurant to be on the right side anyway, and you can have a little bit of a lot of things. Good luck!

  6. Good grief. You are living the high life there.

    Okay, here is what I'm doing. I began walking in the morning to see if I am even able to walk. Then I've been walking the kids to school. So I'm putting in about 2 miles a day. Which is extraordinary for me, because I'm nearly completely sedentary.

    So while I am not committing to anything, it is POSSIBLE I might be able to join you.

    But right now I am stressed beyond belief with the whole school thing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

  7. Michele S > you can TOTALLY do it and I fully expect you to be here. WOOT!! WOOT!! That would be so awesome - we'd have a blast.

    Everyone else > thanks for your words of advice. Unfortunately, tonight we went back to the same restaurant we've been to for the past two nights and I had my third steak in three nights. By this point, I've eaten about 5 pounds of beef this week. Which might be more than I've eaten in the past FIVE YEARS.

    On the upside, that was the only food I'd eaten all day. Up until dinner, I'd only had an apple and 170 oz of water...

  8. I love the partridge in a pear tree - how was that one? Have you eaten any crow yet?? ;-) (Okay, that was a lame excuse for a joke but I hope you got a chuckle.)

    Did you have some chocolate cake? You'll be happy to know I threw the piece away I was eating yesterday - after I ate the frosting of course.

    I've been thinking about the walk - still not sure; worried about Alexander's b-day, etc. Got any authority to change that date??

    Talk to you soon. Marg

  9. Idea #1:SUPPOSEDLY, according to one of the stupid women magazines I read, You should be the one who orders something healthy first. Then, the others around you are likely to follow suit.
    Idea #2: Order whatever you'd like (since you're running it thru and charging the client for it) then after a couple of bites oversalt it by mistake. That is advice from one of those trainers on biggest loser.

    Idea #3. My idea - Back off of the wine and the carbs then order whatever you please. I always eat more when I'm drinking/buzzed....