Saturday, August 22, 2009

our SC vacation: random shots part 7 (favorite thing friday edition)

I'd like a show of hands from everyone who has had enough of my photo blog posts and are anxious for me to return to topics that involve interfacing with ill-behaved children at the community pool, homeschooling, and how to earn an income while living on a sailboat.

OK then.

That is a few hundred more than I expected.

I promise, I am almost done.

But first, I need to mention that with all of the swimming the children have been doing this summer, one of our most coveted possessions, are their awesome swim goggles.

Elizabeth has a pair of pink goggles, William a pair of blue and Carolyn a pair of lemon lime.

At first, the children liked to wear their goggles because they thought it made them look like a real live diver. But very soon, they came to realize that not only do their goggles look cool, but they help to protect their eyes from the chlorine in the water that would otherwise, turn their eyes bright red and cause a lot of discomfort which subsequently, would lead to a lot of whining.

Hence, the children wearing swim goggles not only protected their eyes ... it protected my EARS.

During our week at the beach, our children learned that salt water hurts eyes almost as much as chlorine.

So whenever they would go out to boogie board - or jump and splash in the surf - they wore their goggles.

Unfortunately, the third day that we were at the beach, my beautiful daughter, Carolyn, lost her goggles somewhere in the surf.

Before I go any further, I'd like to add that these goggles, relative to other brand children's goggles, aren't cheap. But, I have done a lot of research and field testing with a lot of less expensive goggles and I personally think that these goggles are the BEST on the market*.

So when my beautiful daughter, Carolyn, lost her goggles, I became quite agitated. Because I have told her once - if I've told her a million times - that when you take your goggles off, you can't just FLING them on the sand, because the tide will most likely come in and wash them away. Likewise, when we are at the pool, she can't just take them off and fling them on the deck because they will either get lost - or someone else might pick them up and keep them as their own.

But as it often happens when I'm talking to one of my four-year-old children, I may as well be talking to the wind. Because the children continued to assume that my primary purpose in life was to follow them around and pick up THEIR stuff.

Once I realized that my daughter was goggle-less, I told her that she wouldn't be getting any new goggles until she was older and more equipped to handle taking care of her things. Because young lady, money doesn't grow on trees and just because she lost something doesn't mean I'm going to rush out to the store and replace it.

I might have continued to rant and rave for a minute or two or ten, before I caught a look from my husband that very clearly said, "JEN. GIVE IT A REST."

And although it was very difficult for me, I did give it a rest. I actually STOPPED talking about the lost goggles and overwhelming irresponsibility of my four-year-old daughter.

It was at least another day or two after the goggle losing incident, that I happened to be scrolling through some of the pictures that I took while at the beach on the day the goggles in question were lost. And when I fell upon this sequence of pictures, I was in complete disbelief.


This first picture is my husband, Charlie, jumping in to the waves.

Charlie spent much of his youth in Santa Barbara and loves the beach. It is for that reason, he really enjoyed body surfing, along side his children.

But on the day that we bought boogie boards, Charlie thought it would be fun to try out the boogie board that we had specifically bought for Carolyn, but which she was not using at the moment.

And wow - as if it was even possible - he had even MORE fun boogie boarding.

But very soon Carolyn saw that her father was riding on her boogie board, and right about that time, she decided that she wanted her boogie board back. So she stood directly in front of him with her arms crossed, while Charlie grimaced because he KNEW what was coming next...

There was the gentle placement of her little four-year-old hand on his arm ... followed by a very sweet, "Daddy? May I please have my boogie board back?"

(Notice that she is still wearing her lemon lime goggles.)

And Charlie, being the good father that he is, swiftly got off the boogie board and gave it back to his daughter. But as I continued to scroll through these pictures, I happened to notice that Charlie had something in his grasp.

At first, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. But when I zoomed in - it became obvious that Charlie was holding something with a lemon lime hue in his left hand.

Yes ... that's it...

Charlie is holding his daughter's lemon lime goggles in his hand.

And well, that was the last time we ever saw Carolyn's lemon lime goggles.

Because in this next picture, they were gone.

When Carolyn rode the next wave in, she was without her lemon lime goggles. Which is around the same time I put the camera down and proceeded to ask, "Carolyn, love, where are your GOGGLES?"

And of course my poor child didn't know.

Internet, it was CHARLIE, not CAROLYN that lost the lemon lime goggles in the surf at the beach. And worse than that, it was my poor sweet, beautiful baby that took the rap. When I revealed to Charlie my discovery, he was stunned. At first he tried to convince me that he did not lose the goggles, or if he did - it was completely unintentional. But then he went a little crazy and accused me that I take pictures of EVERYTHING.

He knows my camera doesn't lie.

And really, does this look like a man I should trust?


* After a little more research, I've decided that Carolyn most definitely deserves a new pair of goggles, so I will be replacing them with this new pair, in lemon lime. They are identical to her former pair, except they come with a tinted lens.

You can buy these goggles on my Amazon Store, through this link. If you do buy the goggles through my little store, you will be helping to fund the coffer for giveways that I hope to begin, next week, for our breast cancer 3-Day walk.

In return, I would be more than happy to lend my sleuth investigative skillz to those who might need them.


  1. That is too funny! I am glad you had photo proof of what really happened...I was feeling sorry for Carolyn.

    Oh and I don't think I could ever tire of your vacation blogs. It brings back memories of when our children were younger and we would vacation on the coast of SC.

    I am trying to plan a vacation and we can't decide where to go, we have never been "beachy" people but I am thinking about it. If I only felt better about that bathing suit thing it would be an easier decision;)


  2. I havee to ask- was there any disagreement between the girls as to who would get the pink? Because I know what would happen with mine...
    AND, I wish these were available in Australia!!

  3. I'm loving your trip pics and stories -- and this one just made my morning!!

    Have a great weekend : )

  4. Charlie did it! Charlie did it!!! hahahahaha

  5. Oh my gosh! This is the funniest thing I've ever read. I have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing.

  6. Charlie did the pool house, with the boogie board.

    Personally we love it when we get to blame dad for things.

    I love your vacation posts. I'm doing one of my own. It's a great legacy for our families, don't you think?

  7. BlackOrchid8/22/09, 8:41 AM

    will do Jen, been looking for good-fitting children's swim goggles!

    funny story - poor Charlie!

  8. Very funny. Pictures says 100 words! Glad to know that she gets another pair of googles!

  9. Kathy: Don't worry about the bathing suit > you are the only one that will care how you look. I'm convinced that the joy of being in a beautiful place will totally override any of your insecurities. Please don't let that one (minor) issue keep you from doing anything you want to do!!

    Kate: Since the girls were very young, Carolyn has migrated to yellow and green and Elizabeth has migrated to pink. If they both wanted the same color goggles, I would have bought them. In fact, recently, we replaced Carolyn's purple keen shoes with a pair of pink > and well, that's how it goes!

  10. Too funny! Do you know if the goggles come in adult sizes? I am looking for a pair of goggles for myself (I don't like to put my face in the water/get water in my eyes, so I don't swim - but I would like to!)

  11. Crayolaab: these goggles DO come in adult sizes. We really like the aquasphere style goggles > probably more so than other brands (ie: speedo) - although I prefer a smaller style aquasphere swimming goggle, for myself (as opposed to the mask like style our kids have).

  12. That was SO funny! Thanks for making me laugh! You have go to do this professionally!

  13. Your children look very comfortable out there in the water. I hate that the goggles were lost, but that's so funny about the picture...haha!!!

  14. One of many cuzzins!8/23/09, 9:47 AM

    Jen, in the photo of Charlie helping Carolyn onto the boogie board, there's a little speck of an object floating in the water. It's just to the left, behind Charlie. Try to zoom in and see if it's Carolyn's goggles...that HER FATHER let slip from his grasp.

    Your pictures are just awesome. So fun to look at and wish I were there too.

    I just spent a day at the beach on Cape Cod with cuzzin Kathy's gang. We had a blast! The beach is such a wonderful place for children.

    You & Charlie are doing such a great job with your family.

    Regina :)

  15. Regina: I opened up the original picture and zoomed in, and that speck behind Charlie is just white water. But oh, your comment had me cracking up - because I could just imagine those goggles floating away, behind him.

    He still DENIES that he lost them. He tells me that he gave them to Carolyn and she dropped them. But since I was snapping off pictures almost continuously and HE was the last one seen holding them...

    My case rests.

  16. I thought I'd let you know that when my 6 year old's swim teacher suggested goggles I thought of this post right away. Thanks for doing all the research for us ;) He can't wait to get in the water with his new goggles.