Sunday, August 16, 2009

our SC vacation: random shots part 4 (the beach; v1)

The second week that we were in South Carolina, we loaded up our 12 passenger van and we drove to Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms.

This time that we spent at the beach, was our first true family vacation.

Sure, we've gone away before ... we've traveled back and forth across the country almost 10 times, and we've been camping and spent many a night in a fancy hotel.

But this trip was different.

There was nothing to do but just rest and relax.


And play ...

And then, play some more.

And if you were with Henry ... DUCK.

(Or, at least - wear goggles.)

We weren't rushing around to see people.

We weren't taking long day trips to various parks and attractions.

We weren't busy entertaining groups of people.

Our days were spent playing at the beautiful beach that was just at the end of our street.

After splashing in the waves for the better part of the day, we would go swimming in a fresh pool and watch the sunset.

At night, we would have wonderful dinners ... like Frogmore Stew ...

Once the children were in bed - we would sit in matching rocking chairs and have a cocktail on the porch. And then, we'd play cards.

During our vacation, I read two books, that I had discovered in the beach house library. Late at night, early in the morning - and while reclining in a chaise lounge at the beach - I read. People, I cannot tell you the last time that I read two books, in a week.

Dr. Seuss not included.

Our vacation at the beach was amazing.

It was heavenly.

It was everything that a vacation should be - and then some.

And because we were there with mom and Jim who have both had significant health challenges this past year ... our trip was very special.

I would like to interject here that Jim was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer less than three months ago. He suffered a massive stroke less than two months ago. He was in the hospital for almost a month and is still completing his recovery process, at home.

Here's Jim. Diving, head first, in to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Every day that we would go to the beach, Jim would dive head first in to the waves, at least twice.

So not only was this vacation wonderful and revitalizing for us ...

I think it was healing for both Mom and Jim.

(That one leg that Mom is balancing on, just so happens to be the leg with the knee she had replaced eight weeks ago.)


  1. Thanks for making us smile!

  2. I am sure you and your precious family had a nice vaccation because first off all you shared your time and this wonderfull place with your parents. I am sure that God was so pleased by your giving and I also apreciate you each day more and more.God bless you ever.I am sure your children learned a precious lesson to their lives .

  3. Awe I needed that! How refreshing!s

  4. As much as I loved our trip to Europe and as much as I know we are beyond fortunate to have been able to go - I'm ready for a vacation where we can simply sit and relax for a few days.

    That one picture of your mom and Jim where they are facing away from the camera? I love that. They are facing the world and its challenges together. That's one of the most romantic pictures I've seen in a long time.

  5. There are not enough words in the written language to express to you how happy I am that you had this vacation with your family and your mom and Jim.

  6. So glad the vacation was relaxing for all! The last picture of your Mom and Jim made me smile from ear to ear! How beautiful to see Jim on his feet and swimming in the ocean!

  7. beautiful. Your family, your vacation, your words. All beautiful.

  8. Hooray for you and your family! I know what you mean about some vacations, although fun and exciting, seem like more work than relaxation! Glad you were able to make some special memories and sit back and enjoy the people you love.

  9. Shhhh! Don't tell people about how wonderful beach vacations are at IOP. It is pure heaven. Lets keep it that way. We go to Edisto, just south. Much more isolated. Best vacations ever!

    The pictures of your mom and Jim brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know them. The healing powers of the ocean... I know they had a wonderful time with you and you gave them such happy times just watching those precious children. You are a good daughter. And your husband is an awesome son-in-law.

  10. Your mom and Jim are an inspiration! They are living LIFE to the fullest!

  11. I had to keep catching my breath! Your vacation looks so awesome! I love seeing when people recover from things that could keep them down. :)

  12. Glad you had such a nice time. The memories made during this vacation will last a lifetime.

    (Carolyn's Boards)

  13. It sounds like you guys had a great time...

    And I seriously want to meet your mom and Jim. They look like some of the coolest people ever.

  14. Is this IOP?? We're headed there for Labor Day. Cannot wait! We lived on HHI for a few years before moving to GA. It was actually physically painful how much I missed it....

  15. Should have read the first paragraph! LMAO. Sorry. :-)

  16. This place is the fountain of youth. Jim looked ten years younger getting out of that water.
    Now if you come back here to live, you will live forever. We all had such a good time when you were here, so y'allcome back now hear!

  17. Awesome! Nothing like the beach. BTW, I tagged you on my blog the other day; it you want to follow was sorta fun.