Friday, August 28, 2009

he is superman

Before court began this morning, I called Charlie to check in and see how he and the children were doing. According to my husband, aside from everyone missing me desperately, they were all doing fine. They were planning to spend a morning at the YMCA and then, they were going to go to the pool after Henry took his nap.

A few hours later, once court was dismissed, I turned on my cell phone and noticed that I had missed a call from Charlie. So I called him back to see how things were going. This is how our conversation went:

Me: "Hi Love, how are things?"

Him: "Jen, I am JUMPING out of my skin. OK, OK, first off ... the kids are totally fine. So, do you remember the big client that I was working with a few months ago? (he didn't wait for my response) Well, they called me today and told me that they want ME to manage several of their sites in California!! And possibly, take over their entire portfolio of environmental projects, globally!! The only way I could do that is if I started my own business. So I did. I registered for a Federal Tax Identification Number and then I found an accountant and a lawyer. I'm setting up a small business loan and I secured our new company name and created a logo. Then, I hired someone that can handle all of the field work, so I don't have to travel too much. Right now, I'm in the process of developing a website. "

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "And then ... and then ... And THEN!!!"

Me: "Wait... you did what?"

Him: "I started my own BUSINESS!! But it gets even better!! My old company - the one that just laid me off?? Well, they won a big contract in San Diego and they need a lot of help, so they are hiring MY NEW COMPANY as a subcontractor. So, I just landed two HUGE contracts!!"

Me: "I think I dialed the wrong number. Hello?? Hellooo??"

Him: "Can you believe it?!"

Me: "You are telling me that you did all of that today?"

Him: "Yes. I did all that within the past four HOURS."

Me: ".............................................................."

Him: "Jen. Jen! Are you still there??"

Me: "Charlie. Love. Where are the children?"

Him: "They are right here. I told them all about it and they are really excited. They are the Board Members of our LLC and Elizabeth is making a presentation while I cook dinner."

Me: "So you did all of that today, the children are playing contentedly and now, you are cooking dinner?"

Him: "Isn't it awesome?!"

Me: "Holy Crap, Dude. I think I need to go out of town more often. Maybe when I'm away next week, you'll solve the world's hunger crisis."

Him: "Don't worry. I'm planning to work on that, next."


  1. Impressive! Congrats to Charlie. ;o)

  2. Wow. When my husband kept the little ones, I was always so impressed at the projects he completed while keeping the children entertained, fed, and safe. But he never NEVER started his own company while playing the single parent role.

  3. Way to go, Charlie! That's really cool.

  4. Amazing news! How wonderful.

  5. Wow, just wow. I don't think I accomplished half that much sitting at my desk yesterday. I'm feeling a bit like an underachiever right now!

    But congratulations definitely go out to Charlie! What an accomplishment!

  6. Charlie, I hate overachievers.

    For Pete's sake, I'm still in my pajamas.



  7. You're a lucky woman. And he's a lucky man, to know that he can take a leap like that, tell you afterwards, and know that he has your full support.

  8. Kuddos to Charlie.
    Hope your time away goes quickly so you can get home to those adorable children.

    (Carolyn's Board)

  9. WOW! Way to go.
    Your hubby is awesome, but then again so are you.

  10. Please pass my congrats on to Superman. How exciting for him!

    Last week, when he brought your kids to play with mine at the park, we discussed his lay off. We decided that sometimes a little kick in the bootie is exactly what we need to get us to jump into the next phase of our life. Not that we have any clue what that next phase is, we just have to be ready to jump. Only, I think he misunderstood me, because when I said 'jump,' it never occurred to me that he'd throw on a red cape and FLY. Yay for him!

  11. Superman is a great description!
    Congrats Charlie!

  12. That is AWESOME that your husband was able to land two contracts in such a short time. Since he set up the company, are you a co-owner that'll be working on one of these new contracts?

  13. Dang. He is amazing...

    Congrats Charlie. It sounds like you've got quite the business started. :D

  14. That is amazing! Congrats to Charlie (and subsequently the rest of the fam!)

  15. Does Charlie need to hire a preggo-unemployed geologist???

  16. Sometimes you just have to give men credit where credit is due... some of them just don't seem to get as emotionally drained when they're with kiddos as us chicas do. Plus, the kids maybe don't act up as badly for Dad because Mom is usually the one they come crying to/complaining to.

    Go Charlie, honestly that all sounds AWESOME!

  17. Wow..

    I'm home with one child and haven't managed the morning dishes.
    (and he's been watching Noggin for the last half hour).

    How exciting!

    After world hunger, any chance you could have him look into lowering the property taxes in NH?


  18. Wow way to go Charlie!!! Jen when did you realize you were married to superman? That is so awesome.

  19. Wow that's great!

  20. Daaaaaaaamn! He IS Superman! Congratulations to your husband's new company...and Elizabeth, the presentation making board member!

    Yay. How's Henry doing without nursing?! :)

  21. "Holy Crap Dude" is right! That's awesome!!!! Way to go Charlie! The only bummer is that now he won't have time to start his cooking blog. But wait... it's CHARLIE we're talking about! He probably got that going today while the kids were eating breakfast!!
    Keep that positive energy flowing!!

  22. Could I introduce Charlie to my wonderful husband? Although he is a wonderful businessman and spectacular provider, in 4 years, I still haven't been able to get him out the door on time to get the kids to school!!!

  23. Man! I love Charlie!! What a firecracker! I just love people who just DO IT.

    Best of luck in the new business and with his two new contracts!

    And I hope Elizabeth's presentation was a hit. LOL

  24. That is FLAMING AWESOME!!! This post is my new all time favourite - ever - on any blog (I read over ninety through Google reader)! Charlie ROCKS! I can't wait to follow your future...

  25. WOW, I cant even imagine. He is superhuman!!

  26. WOW, I cant even imagine. He is superhuman!!

  27. All I can do is smile and say WOW, totally impressed!

  28. WOW! Superman, indeed!!! Way ta go, Charlie!
    Congrats, guys!

  29. I just started reading this blog. I found out about it from my toddler board where I "knew" Deana R. This is hysterical! I love that your DH has such excitement and wants to share that with you and the kids. Really fabulous!

  30. I'm sorry, WHA? WHA? WHAT?

    Does this mean you can quit and go to work for him?

  31. I really hope the house is at least messy when you get home. Otherwise he just outdid all of us!

  32. Love, love, love, love, love!

    And a BIG congrats!!!

  33. Michelle M in TX8/29/09, 7:22 AM

    That's awesome news! Way to go, Charlie!

  34. wow - does he need a staff chaplain from the VA in New England?? (do you remember I had emailed you concerning your dad a while back, just so you don't think I am some crazy person - lol)- LOL - dh is being laid off next month!

    way to go - congrats!


  35. I smell a bigger house! Wow congratulations, that is wonderful news!!

  36. Wow. He's amazing.

    You've got a keeper, that's for sure. I've been feeling the same way about mine and it is such a great feeling when it seems there are so many marriages falling apart around us.

  37. He's a winner - hang on to that man!

  38. Yeah! that is awesome!