Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what's in you wednesday

This morning my husband reminded me that we have a marathon to run in a month and a half. Which you'd never guess if you were to look at what we've been doing to get prepared for said marathon. So, he suggested that we start running a little more than we have been.

He also suggested that we set some simple goals for ourselves. Like, doing 50 push-ups and 100 sit-ups a day. Whenever we think of it, just drop what we are doing and hammer out a quick 10 push-ups. Or 10 sit-ups. If we keep that up, we might be surprised at what we were able to accomplish in mere seconds - at random times - throughout the day.

I think it's very important to set goals for yourself. But when you are setting those goals, I think it is even more important to stay realistic. If you set goals that are too high, you might become discouraged. And soon, you might feel so discouraged that you give up.

For instance... totally hypothetical here ... if you just started running a year ago, and never ran more than eight miles a week, you might be aiming a little high if you trot out and sign yourself up for a marathon.

Because when your running group goes from running six miles on Saturday, to seven miles on Saturday, to eight miles on Saturday ... and then you miss a few weeks of practice and the next time you show up they are up to 18 MILES ... you might feel the urge to cry.

(Or dry heave.)

And you might feel frustrated that when you first joined this torture running group you actually ENJOYED running and now just the mere THOUGHT of running makes your entire body hurt. You might actually discover that any desire you had to run is gone.

Like the wind.

(Or, the candy that you ate on the sly from your children's Easter basket.)

And when you arrive at your training session and look at all of your team members stretching and getting pumped up to run for what would take you an entire day, you decide that sitting in your car while eating a PowerBar and laughing hysterically to Click and Clack sounds like the best idea you've ever heard. In your entire life.

So what does this have to do with me?


Nothing at all.

I just think that if you are new to the sport of running and are very slow and have a problem with your feet falling asleep after two miles, and that foot-sleeping-issue is not linked to your shoes being too small or laced too tightly but is in fact determined to be a circulatory disorder, you might want to reconsider running 26.2 miles at once.

Sorry. I totally forgot where I was going with this.

Ah, flowers. So lovely.

Next week, we'll discuss denial and what it means to be up to your eyeballs in it.


  1. Jen, I'm right there with you! I ran 12+ miles on Monday (don't know the exact distance since I haven't clocked it). It took 2 hours give or take. I had to walk. I stopped at the library for a drink from the water fountain. I thought I was going to pass out when I finally got home. I got dizy in the shower and had to sit. Maybe I shouldn't have started 3 hours after breakfast. Maybe I should've carried water. Maybe I should have had someone "check" on me at the 1/2 way point. But I survived. I guess that's good. My 1/2 marathon's on May 3rd. I don't have a hotel room yet. I don't have anyone going with me to ring a cow bell. I'm getting starting to get discouraged. But I just need to remember WHY I registered in the first place. For me, it's just to have a goal. For YOU...your cause is SO much greater. Take courage, Jen! You can do it. The goal is finishing, right?

  2. I love click and clack.

    Good times today.

    Yours - Jessica

  3. And that is totally why we had no candy in the Easter basket;) But in my defense my grandson is only 1and I knew who would be eating that candy.
    Ah where am I on this Wednesday weigh in. I am starting back again today. I have totally been out of it these last few months but today is the day. One thing I plan on doing is shopping, I haven't been in three months and so some mall walking should do me good. Then when I get home I will get out my ipod and do some bike riding. Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. What is the consequence for NOT running the marathon? Like, do you have to give the money back? Because frankly, I think most people really wouldn't mind if you decided not to run and would happily donate their money anyways since it's for such an important cause. Running a marathon is not something to take lightly. I have never run one -- my longest run was a half-marathon about 15 years ago and that convinced me to NEVER attempt a full one!! -- but I know that you can really hurt yourself if you attempt to run one when you are not properly conditioned. You don't have to be Superwoman; just be yourself. You can always help by ringing the cowbell for Charlie and Margaret.

  5. Those flowers ARE beautiful though! ;-) I hear ya on the denial thing as I am running a 5K in September and I have never run more than 100 metres at a time successfully. I think the push-ups/sit-ups goal sounds like a plan though, assuming you have a few free seconds here and there, which I am imagining that you don't really! It is a nice thought though! LOL!

    As Momma-of 5 said, you are doing an amazing thing by running this marathon and the cause will keep you focused. You will make it to the end and all of us will be cheering you on, even if it is just through cyberspace!

  6. "Ah, flowers. So lovely."

    Oh girl, I am laughing. What you are going to do??? I'd jump in my car and drive to the finish. I'm not proud. It's the thought that counts, right?

  7. Along a similar line to Charlie would be wearing a pedometer and aiming for a certain amount of steps. I'm doing that this month as part of a work challenge - it's difficult!

    Even on your bad days, though, I still find you inspiring.

  8. Jen, Uncle Bill and I need to have you at the finish line. However you get there is fine with us. Hop over a fence,catch a ride, You are the inspiration for this whole thing,don't run, don't walk, your a winner any way. So you couldent get a baby sitter. Your aunt and uncle needed you with them. Your a winner any way I look at it.


  10. If you ask me......and I think you did.

    Give your self a break. You have done an amazing thing by raising SOOO much money.

    Don't hurt yourself if your not ready. This thing is not to be taken lightly. You really have a full plate. You have to many people counting on your for things like; dinner, laundry, bedtime stories, O'henry bars, the list just goes on and on. AND it really does.

    You could do the half marathon or even meet my parents for breakfast that morning. After all, they could get lost and you wouldn't want that...would you???

    I don't think anyone would think the lesser of you.....Training takes time. Maybe it is not "time" for you yet. Maybe you should relax and give yourself a break......there will be more Marathons in the future. When the time is right....just my humble opinion.

  11. Does the race have a half-marathon option? When I trained with TNT I intially signed up to do a full marathon. I had never run before in my life. After I started training I realized I wasn't being realistic and it just wasn't enough time for me to be able train to run 26 miles. I switched the half-marathon option and I still count it as my greatest personal accomplishment. After I finished 13.1 miles I decided I have no desire to ever run more than that. I'm doing another half-marathon at the end of May, so it wasn't that bad! Whatever you decide to do--Good Luck!

  12. Okay Dear Anon @ 6:04, Aunt Grace and others:

    My cousin is simply venting. She has worked SOOOO very hard to raise funds for a cause that she (we) truly believes in. Jen is the fun(d) raiser! And a great one at that!! She's the underlying hero in all of this -- marathon stuff.

    Rest assured one of our many cousins (& her sister) have promised to meet her (us) during the race and throw cookies, fudge, etc just to keep us motivated.

    When Jen called me several weeks ago and said "yes we can" I said "Oh Jen!...ugh...Oh God!... uh...okay" Now look at what's happened! Over $10,000 has been raised!!

    The "cause" will keep "her" (us) focused! YES SHE CAN! (and Jen -- YOU WILL!)


    Now Step away from Trader Joe's PB Cups.