Wednesday, April 29, 2009

henry is in the house

I have been very negligent in writing about what Henry has been up to these days.

I really need to just sequester myself to the computer and jot down some thoughts on our resident toddler because he is changing at such warp speed that if I don't capture what he has been up to, I'll soon forget.

You know, my mind definitely isn't what it once was. Which really wasn't much. But as I'm sitting here, I can't even remember the point of this post.

Wait a minute.

It'll come to me any second now.

Sir Richard Francis Burton!

No! No! That wasn't it.

Had to do with .... the bane of his brother's existence?

Oh yes!

Hurricane Henry.

Or, Hell Raiser Henry.

Both descriptions are equally appropriate to characterize the 21-month old toddler that has taken control of our house.

This is a series of pictures I snapped off when the children were playing in their fort one day last week. William had acquired a box that Charlie had brought home from work and in addition to stuffing it with all of his worldly possessions (along with one of my belts and my archaic Palm Pilot that he has acquired), he has been toting this box everywhere so that he could use it as a seat. He toted it to the top of his fort and when he decided to take a seat at the helm, along comes his little brother who decides that he wants to sit down, too.

Although William wasn't very willing to share his seat.

Go get your own box, Henry!

But what if I give you a nice smile. Will you move over then?

No? Well then, I'll just start screaming and hollering and swinging my arms and I'll knock you out of the way.

There we go. This is some nice sharing.

You good over there, Big Brother?

I'm just following your lead. Now should we act grumpy?

Why are you turning your back on the Little Brother?

I'm having a GREAT time. How about you?

What's this? Where are we going?

Oh No!

Not the slide!!

Little Brother ain't feeling no love.

But you just wait. When you are least expecting it.

I'll be back.

In cotton underwear.


  1. Utterly ADORABLE!

  2. Boy Jen, your photography has gotten really good. These pictures are just beautiful!

  3. awesome! these fotos really capture his spirit.

  4. OMG - I love it! So cute.

  5. OMG...the pic with the sunglasses is the best. That look totally sums up having a toddler in the house. My daughter will be 2 in June and she is relentless in her pursuit of her 6 year old brothers!


  6. So beautiful!!!

    You did a really good job capturing the spirit of your kids' interactions.


  7. Do us all a favor and say YES to your reality tv show offer!!! We would all watch! PLEASE?!!?

  8. Too cute! Is Henry potty training already? If so, please do share your magic tricks for getting a not quite 2 year old to use the potty please.

  9. Very cute capturing his personality!

  10. So cute! Love, Marg

  11. I think you may be raising another Janet with her "treasures". Cute kids.