Tuesday, April 21, 2009

just ... wow

I'm not sure what it is about this video clip that moves me the most.

I don't know if it's the way that everyone rolls their eyes and scoffs when she takes the stage. Or if it's the way that she forgets for a moment what a "village" is called. Maybe it's her appearance and her demeanor and the opinion that you form about her potential as a singer, before she even starts singing. Or perhaps it's watching the effect of her audition on the judges and the audience. Simon's face in his hands and deep sigh at 4.03 sums it up, perfectly.

But watching this performance gave me goosebumps on my arms and heart.

Click here to view one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

Just make sure your volume is turned up.

And here are the lyrics to the piece she performed from Les Miserables. In my opinion, her song choice is what made this so powerful. The lyrics of the song and perhaps parallel to her own life, adds a whole 'nuther dimension to the impact of this performance.

Edited to Add: Susan Boyle has been singing since she was 12-years old. But for whatever reason, she hasn't achieved the recognition that she has so clearly deserved, until she was 47 years old and participated in a televised reality/talent show. Perhaps if Susan's life's circumstances had been slightly different, she would have had the opportunity for her talent to be recognized sooner. Although you can't judge a book by it's cover - this is a prime example of how society often times does. She undoubtedly has always had a dream of becoming a professional singer (which is why her song choice was so appropriate). I hope her dream is fully realized.


  1. Wow everytime I have saw that clip the tears flow...beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jen! Have an amazing day.

    Stephanie A

  3. Good morning! Did you have a good birthday?

    That video has made me teary three times. I saw her on Larry King and she sang a different song and was just so real.

    What do you predict for her? It's hard to say what will happen. She seems confident in who she is, so I hope she doesn't change!

  4. Her voice is amazing, like an angel. It really shows that you can't judge people solely on their appearance.

  5. Will your family allow you to do an update on your Dad? I think about him often.

  6. Not to be a crank, but I simply don't understand why anyone would ever judge a SINGER by their appearance.

    Some of the best singers EVER were nothing to look at!

    Is this where we are now? Kate Smith, uselessly ugly? Pavarotti, too fat? Maybe I'm old-school, but I just don't get it!

    Anyway, she's a good singer!

  7. Black Orchid: Having watched American Idol for the past six (?) years, I know that the premise for these "talent" shows is to recruit people who think they have talent. Some do, but most are delusional (with a capital "D".)

    Some people like to watch these shows to see contestants that get up and make an absolute fool of themselves. Personally, it makes me cringe to see someone who has no business singing outside of their own shower, audition in front of millions. But I LOVE to see undiscovered people that perform who have honest-to-God talent.

    Because I've watched these types of shows before, when I saw the judges scoffing and the audience rolling their eyes, I assumed that at least the judges had watched her audition tape and they knew that she was going to be terrible. I assumed that they were going to allow her to take the stage and make a fool of herself for comedic appeal.

    But she wasn't terrible.


    And to see the looks of shock on everyone's faces - and the standing ovation that she received - was beautiful. I know you can't judge a singer by their looks. Although, a lot of people do.

    For instance, I once read that the lead singer of the Blues Traveler (John Popper) was told that he needed to find a "stand in" for any videos that he recorded because his audience wants to see someone that is "visually appealing."

    I just think it's an awesome that she was so successful in her audition.

    Kathy: I do plan to do an update on my Dad. I just haven't had the chance to do it yet. But thanks for asking.

    And EWW!!! Did anyone see the first comment left on this post?? I'm so glad I actually came to LOOK at the comments instead of just reading them via e-mail because I never would have seen the profile picture that accompanied, "Kisses from London." Here I was thinking that someone was sending me "kisses" for my birthday. Where's the Lysol so I can spray off my monitor???

    Delete!! Delete!!

  8. Blows me away every time I see the clip! I read (CNN) that Simon is already working out an album/cd deal for her. The show was offering a make over but she wasn't sure if she was going to do it.
    I'm sure this is only the beginning for her. Wonderful!!

  9. I wish you a happy birthday , I do agree with most of your topics and I think you are a great mom and your kids are so lovely.
    God bless you and you family, with His grace, His wisdom and be happy ever

  10. My husband said the same thing about how the song choice really added to her performance. And I also felt the goosebumps on my heart.

    She is truly an amazing singer, and my guess for why she hasn't made it is because people way too often do judge on appearance. After all, how often do the finalists on American Idol and other shows not have some sort of camera appeal? Not often. And for that, we all are likely missing out on other amazing talents.

    I read that she has already been signed to a deal with Simon's label. I can't wait until she comes out with an album!

  11. I could not see the video on your blog but I have seen it. AND____
    she is going to be on OpraH.
    Gracie has been singing since she was 18 months and beautifully if I may say so.

  12. Hi Jen. My name is Megan. I am the person who tweeted about the gap card. I can't for the life of me figure out how to send you an email or DM on twitter. I don't know. Once it is pointed out to me I will feel completely dumb but it is jut not coming to me. I blame my four month old...somehow. Anyway, if you think the card will work with the gift card, I'll take it. But, if you think that it won't then please pass it on to someone else who can use it.

    And now I can not figure out how to leave a comment without being anonymouse. Sheesh. My email is meganmcr@gmail.com

  13. Watched it 4 times and just cried. She is really AWESOME and so confident. Just wonder why she did a bad tape then if she was so good on the show

  14. That clip gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.