Monday, March 16, 2009

i'm snoring with my eyes open

Here it is 2:30 AM and guess what I'm doing?

If you guessed sleeping, you'd be wrong.

Although, maybe this is all just a dream.

It started out with me going online to order the paint easel for Lynn and the iPod for Denise at around 9 PM tonight. And then one thing led to another and I was setting up an Amazon Store, which someone had suggested I do a few weeks ago to help with our fundraising efforts.

Then I inadvertently deleted my store at least twice, but only after I had populated it with several of what I considered to be our "Top Picks." And then, I had to stop myself because I could easily spend the next 100 days populating my store with items that have vastly contributed to an improved existence and that I would wholeheartedly recommend to other parents and/or carbon-based life forms.

To the left of my blog in the sidebar is my new Amazon Store. I've called it "The Amazing Trips' Top Picks" because within that store are items that we own and have used and would suggest to others. If you click anywhere on that box - it will take you directly to My Amazon Store.

From there, you will see that I have set up a few different categories that I can absolutely guarantee will change. Tonight I waffled for at least 30 minutes over whether I wanted the category to be classified, "Gadgets we Love", "Things we Use" or "Electronics".

Thirty minutes I spent on that one simple task.

It's no wonder I'm up at 2 AM.

There is some redundancy because a few items show up under different categories and although my OCD is having a tough time with that, my desire to fix the redundancies is trumped by the knowledge that small children (and the sun) will be up soon.

It's never been my goal to make money from this blog. However, seeing as I would really like to continue hosting raffles with various prizes, it would certainly behoove our savings account if we had a source other than our paychecks to fund the "cancer crusader contests."

Honestly? I'm not expecting too much.

But whenever I write about a Favorite Thing Friday, if the item can be found on Amazon (which it usually can), I will link it to my store. And in the off chance someone makes a purchase through that link, a small percentage (~4%) of the sale will go in to the cancer crusader prize coffer.

(At least I think that's what it said.)

The other thing I like about having my own store, is that I get a lot of e-mails from people asking questions about equipment we use. What kind of camera do I have? What kind of stroller do I have? What kind of baby carrier do I have? What kind of sun hats are the children wearing?

Even if people don't chose to buy the items through Amazon, I have all of those things that we use linked in my store.

And there will be more.

A lot more.

Most of the items that are in the store will be recognized as things I've written about before. And since I haven't yet finished boring the world with items that I think work well and make my life easier (and more fun), the shelves of my virtual store will soon be sufficiently stocked.

Toys. Books. Games. Movies. Apparel. Gear.

So there you have it. Another new widget on the side of my blog.

Thrilling, isn't it?


  1. I just noticed that you have the BECO carrier as one of your top picks. Do prefer this over the Ergo? We bought the BECO and used it lots and lots with my daughter who is now 2 1/2 (we can still use it, but haven't had the opp. as of late). Now I'm wondering when I can start using it w/ my 3 month old? I didn't have it when my first was this small. Sorry for the many questions...Anyway, thanks for posting the list. I'll be perusing it at more length in a minute here.

  2. Great idea!
    (and plural possessive makes it Amazing Trips'...).

  3. Judit: I've never used the Ergo, but I love the Beco. I didn't buy it until Henry was ~12 months, but I'm certain you can use it (on the front) with your 3-month old. (At least the style we have you can since it has an "infant" pocket in the front.)

    We used the Bjorn for Henry's first year > but I'll bet it could have been replaced with the Beco. Here's the post I wrote about it last September...

  4. Great idea! I love Favorite Thing Fridays so I can't wait to go check out your store! And I'm glad you're doing something to offset your costs.

  5. I bought the steam mop from your recommendation and I love it! This was a great idea. Glad you got it set up. Hope you get caught up on your sleep soon :)

  6. Can you get O'Henry Bars through your Amazon store??

    XOXO AM :)

  7. Oh my gosh! I can't keep up! Now a store?

    I have to put my kids back in school just to get a story on my blog.


  8. Jenna... step away from the keyboard!

  9. Good for you! You never know, you might make even more than you think. I don't have the store, just affiliate links, and with those, if anyone buys ANYTHING on Amazon after clicking through on one of your links, you get credit for the sale. I try to remember to go to blogger friends' sites to click through before I buy stuff on Amazon.

  10. I love it!! I bought the Steam Mop after one of your Favorite Friday posts, and have been in love with it since:)

  11. Great idea! Are the kids sold on Amazon to? So cute. Marg

  12. Just saying hi.

    I read a few posts and loved the one about your in vitro fertilization story. Love the photo of the six embryos and the pregnancy test. :)

    I sure can relate to still being up at 2 a.m.!

    Hey ... I took my blog private (due to court issue we are having with our house ... attorney on opposing counsel reads my blog) ... I don't know if you read my blog but I want you to be able to see it if you would like to.

    If your e mail is listed on your profile, I'll add you now ... if not, I need your e mail to be able to add you. Just e mail me at and I'll add you to the list of invited readers/commenters.

  13. Hi Jen,
    If you are doing any more give aways, would you consider giving away a Beco? I bet a lot of us would donate!:)