Thursday, March 26, 2009

heaven's kitchen

We tend to play a lot of games whenever we take a ride in the car.

There's the always popular, "I Spy." Followed by, "I'm thinking of an animal..."

For this game, we will describe without fully giving away, any animal that comes to mind. For example, "I'm thinking of an animal that is grey and white and lives in Eucalyptus trees in Australia." Whoever answers "koala" first, gets to go next.

One of the games that I recently started playing with the children has to do with distinguishing between what is naturally occurring and what is man-made. I've explained to the children that anything that is naturally occurring is something that is made by God. Anything that is man-made is something that is made by people.

Simple enough.

Today on the car ride home from swimming lessons, Carolyn initiated the game by asking, "Who made airplanes? People or God?" William and Elizabeth both shouted, "People!"

Convinced that he answered first, William went next. "OK girls. Who made clouds? People or God?" Elizabeth piped up, "People!" And William laughed, "Nooo. How would people get up there in the sky? They would fall down!"

While Elizabeth took a break to eat a handful of animal crackers, I jumped in next.

My question was, "Who made ... strawberries?!"

The children hesitated before I heard shouts of "People!"

Suspecting that this might confuse them a bit, I explained that strawberries are the fruit of a plant and a plant is something that occurs naturally. Although, when we go to the store and we buy a box of strawberries, the box is something that is made by people. People pick the strawberries to put in the box, but the actual strawberries, are made by God.

I could tell Elizabeth thought about that for a moment before she asked, "Who makes ... BANANA MUFFINS?!" Carolyn and William both hesitated before responding, "Uh. God?"

Elizabeth shot back, "No! Mommy makes banana muffins!!" Then she added very matter-of-factly, "God can't make banana muffins." She sounded so sure of herself that I asked, "Why can't God make banana muffins, sweetheart?" And she replied, "Because he doesn't have an OVEN!"

Edited to Add: This afternoon, while I was continuing my violent collapse from trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle baking my all time favorite treat, I thought about my four-year-olds logic. Although she may be spot on, it certainly begs the question, who then came up with O'Henry bars?

They really are heavenly.

And after some discussion with various family members, the majority consensus is that they need to be baked for 12 minutes as opposed to 10. If they stick to the pan > make sure you are using enough Karo Syrup. Did I mention that the Oxo Good Grips Pastry Scraper is ideal for getting them out of the pan and directly in to your mouth as expeditiously and cleanly as possible?

At least I think that's what my sister ... burp! ... told me.


  1. I'm curious how Elizabeth came to the conclusion that God doesn't have an oven. But then I realized she could farm out her baking to people like you, not me I'm a terrible baker, thus eliminating the need for a oven.

    Very logical Elizabeth

  2. I have NO idea how she came to that conclusion. But I'm absolutely amazed at these philosophical discussions I'm having with my four-year-old.

    She told me that God makes people, and God made God. So, I think that she just decided that although people can use things that are made by God >> God doesn't use anything that is made by people?

    But I think that if God DID have an oven, it would create a whole host of questions.

    Like ... What's his favorite cookie > oatmeal or chocolate chip? And what brand of oven is it? We've had a few problems with ours and I'd love to get something a little more reliable...

  3. When my son was around five, we were taking a walk around the neighborhood, and we were really getting eaten up by mosquitos. My son asked, "Does God make mosquitos?". I answered yes. He thought about it a minute and then vehmently replied, "He's gotta stop making those!!"

  4. We used to play a version of "I'm thinking of an animal" when my kids were little. It was the height of the Beanie Baby phase and I'd line their Beanie babies up against the wall and describe an animal to one of them. They'd run across the room and "adopt" the animal I described. Now, at 15 and 17, they still talk about "The Beanie Baby Game."
    Oh, sweet memories.

  5. I am in love with that conversation!

  6. Hi Jenn,

    I am going to attempt the O'Henry bars and I was wondering what size pan you use.

    Also, have you ever tried Oatmeal Carmelitas? They are my favorite thing to take to parties, potlucks, my couch, etc. They sound similar to the O'Henry bars, but w/ caramel instead of peanut butter. Since pb is one of the best foods made by man (or is it God?) I think I will LOVE the O'Henry bars!

  7. Janet and I got a big kick out of this blog and also the Octopus.

  8. Jocelyn > I'm sorry!! I think you asked me that question before ... or at least someone did!!

    I'll use two different cookie sheets. One is 12 x 18, the other is approximately 10 x 16. I use them interchangeably, depending upon whether I want the bars thick or thin.

    Hope this helps!!

  9. Came across your site from Daddy scratchy.. or whatever his blog is.. hee hee.. following both your blogs now! I don't know how I will keep up! Just wanted to say hello and that I ran a marathon a hundred years ago (in 2001) with Team in Training!! and loved it. Am gearing my fat butt up to start training again... the 5:00 am runs are tough.. but it's so WORTH IT!!

    Later tater,