Friday, June 27, 2008

favorite thing friday

If not for my Digital SD/MMC Reader Writer, I would not be able to post any pictures to my blog during this adventure.

Oh sure, I guess I could if I brought along several cords for uploading photos from my digital camera to my computer ... but I'm using two different digital cameras and I'd really prefer to not lug along more equipment than I absolutely must.

I picked up this gadget last fall, when I was looking for a way to upload pictures to a SD card for a digital photo frame my mother had received as a gift. I couldn't figure out how to put pictures from my computer directly on to the card (so they could be seen in the digital photo frame) so I dropped in to a Radio Shack and was set up with this item for around $12.00.

All you do is plug the Reader Writer in to one of the USB ports on your computer and then, you either put in a blank SD card (if you want to copy pictures from your computer on to the card), or - you put in an SD card that contains pictures that you have just taken. You can copy the photos from the SD card over to your desktop (or hard drive) and have the option of deleting them from your SD card, which I always do to free up space for more photos.

I love this little thing. It has really made uploading the 882 photos I have taken thus far while on this trip considerably easier.

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  1. Karen in Buffalo6/28/08, 12:45 PM

    Yes! This is exactly the thing I hoped existed, but hadn't had the time to research. I have a memory card that must be defective in some way~ I'm able to take photos and download them to my laptop, but my photo printer can't/won't read the card (I don't have my 'real' printer hooked up to my laptop right now). I'm hoping I can transfer the photos I want to print to your 'favorite thing' gadget and then print them. And to think it will only cost me around $12.00 makes my day. Thanks!!