Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Run-Down

After spending 36-hours together, I present the top 10 things about having Grandparents (Poppa Alex & Grandma Kathleen) come to visit:

10. Date Night. Our first one, since ... Ack.

9. Charlie and I almost completely drowing ourselves in curry, because we love Indian food and said we would. On Date Night.

8. Dragging Charlie shopping for maternity clothes, because I gave every last stitch of maternity clothing away after our triplets were born - and have been forced to wear Charlie's sweatpants each day for the past month. On Date Night.

7. Being dragged to see the blow 'em up movie, Shooter, with Charlie, because that's what a good wife does, after dragging her husband shopping for maternity clothes. On Date Night. (And then - spends the entire following day talking with her husband about the logistics of the movie and how I have no doubt Charlie would be an even badder ass than Mark Wahlberg, if HE was ever stranded in Ethiopia. Because that's what a great wife does.)

6. Getting home at 10:45 PM and seeing that all three of our children were sleeping soundly. And knowing fully well, that they probably fell asleep only 5 minutes before we walked in the door, because if they love to climb out of their cribs and run around the house while we are home until 9:00 PM ... I can guarantee that they pushed the envelope that much further with their grandparents. On Date Night.

5. A two-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. For me.

4. Waking up from a two-hour nap, in the middle of the afternoon, to a clean house and a prepared dinner.

3. Swimming in the big pool with Grandma Kathleen, a super-star swimmer who will be completing the Alcatraz swim on June 23 and is the "Honorary Grandmother" for Braxton Bilbrey, who will be completing the swim again ... this year. At the tender age of eight.

2. Having our three children be so thoroughly exhausted by interacting with Alex & Kathleen, that they went to bed at 6:30 PM and were asleep by 6:35 PM the day they left.

and the number one thing:

1. Three Easter Baskets ... each containing a pink tutu. Because everyone knows that not only girls wear pink tutus.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! what fun they are (yes, I agree, much better than screaming [snicker])

    Truly - they are precious!

  2. He looks like he is loving his tutu!!! I love the video! I don`t get much reprieve as my parents live in the UK and my MIL is not a huge help so I can totally understand the joys of totally indulging yourself while grandparents are around!!! Sounds like you made the most of your time! (is is sad that the thing I am most jealous of is the two hour nap?!?!)

  3. So adorable! Shayna loved watching the video over and over!

    BTW, loved the pink hat in that picture, too!

  4. Dad and Kathleen4/2/07, 10:50 AM

    Dear ones:
    The date night was really a date night for us....with the darlings! We are so proud of you and Charlie and honor your parenting skills! They are reflected in the happiness and utter joy in the children's faces.
    they are so well balanced, so happy and kind to each other. Their interaction with each other is a movie in itself to watch! We never tired of each and every moment spent with and out of the pool!
    They are unique: Wills with his "NO!" and Carolyn with the smile to melt steel, and Elizabeth with her flirting.
    Your love and respect for each other and your sense of humor are also reflected in the children and their obvious sense of security.
    Date night restored all of us. Miss and love you very much:
    Poppa Alex and Grandma Kath

  5. Perfect! Sounds like a great weekend for all!

  6. Hey California Cousin,
    I've found you and your fabulous blog!! I have three (4, 6 and 11) and can't manage to find matching socks some days!! You truly are Supermom (and Dad!) I'll be checking in and LOVE reading about your adventures! Also, congratulations on number 4!! I also had an unexpected miracle -- Maybe both of ours were sent by an angel named Carolyn! XO

  7. katieandemismom4/3/07, 10:57 AM

    Long-time lurker here who actually melted when I read about the pink tutus. Kudos to grandparents who know their grandkids that well from afar and to moms and dads who don't sweat boys in pink dance garb! My nephew is 4 now and still looks longingly at the girls' princess dresses on occasion. I LOVE your style!

  8. That sounds like paradise to me. Did they HAVE to leave????

  9. Looks and sounds like everyone had a blast. Wish I could have been there to see the Olympic swimmer.
    Love the Tu-tus. I cannot get the video.

  10. A date! New maternity clothes! A nap! Now that's my kind of weekend!

    And the easter baskets and tutus - definitely number 1. Love it.