Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sisterly Love (*In honor of National Sibling Day)

* This post has been edited to reflect my friend Lorie's comment. Why of course I knew that yesterday was National Sibling Day. Just like today, we will be celebrating Eight Track Tape Day. Now, if only I could remember where I put "Meatloaf"...

Charlie moved William in to his own room again, earlier this week. Between the adjustment with daylight savings time and the excitement of multiple roommates, our children have not been falling asleep until 9 PM, which is approximately two hours after we put them to bed.

Tonight, we tucked the kids in to bed at 7 PM. After a half-hour of silence, I heard the girls quietly laughing. When I checked in on them - they had both climbed out of their cribs, with their blankets and dolls in hand, and were sitting next to one another "talking". Although I may not understand everything they say - they have their own language and communicate with each other just fine.

I suspect that they might have been discussing the days events - how their dad took them to the zoo and they ate a picnic lunch next to the polar bear exhibit...

Perhaps they were discussing how much they enjoy playing with their new pink scooters that the Easter Bunny brought...

Or perhaps they were discussing that mom is going to get really mad when she sees we've climbed out of our cribs ... yet again. But isn't it FUN to be FREE?!

I like to think that somewhere in their toddler dialogue - they were telling each other how awesome it is to have a sister and that they will always be best friends.

It is my hope that the bond between our children grow stronger with time and that William is able to share the same kind of closeness ... with his little brother.

Upper cut!!

Hold my hand and come with me ... the best of life is yet to be!


  1. I just love this! Don't sisters are my dearest friends.

  2. I say all the time that siblings are the best things that my parents ever gave to me...So precious that your girls sit and chat. And you will absolutely melt when you see how the triplets will tend and take care of and teach the little one everything they know...OK, so some things you will wish they wouldn't teach him, but nonetheless, there is something very special about how they interact with a tiny person. You're in for a treat!

  3. Wasn't it National Sibling Day yesterday??? Awesome post - I wish Mark would read this so we could get busy and give Shayna a little sibling!!!

  4. Dad and Kathleen4/11/07, 1:01 PM

    Dear Ones:
    Love the photos!Miss you. For what it's worth: after our most recent 2 overnites as grands with the children and you:
    We love Molly and sense her withdrawal, too. If you can't build a little run for her out back where she can watch and interact with you all, the San Diego Labrador Rescue people are great! We got our 2nd Flo from them. She needs to be out and have companionship and with 4 little ones........?
    Also: glad to hear Wills is back in his own space. Children need space,too. What about putting the sleeper couch in living room.....then a door between living room and kitchen for privacy for people who come to help you and sleep over? Or in the garage that would be pet free? Don't have to share Wills room that way.
    Also: child gates over the girl's doorways and Wills. We slept with one eye open as they have free roam of house which could be very dangerous for them. They like the security of their own special space.
    You and the new baby will need quiet time to bond and Charlie, too. And rest! There is nothing wrong about having a little portable DVD in the kid's rooms for one special show in the morning while you sleep?
    Parenthood can be manageable and guilt free.
    Think always of restoring each other, safety, space and rest.
    You are the most loving and wise parents and will be your parents on earth and above.
    Dad and Kathleen

  5. Great Pics. I hope you saw Oprah yesterday it was awsome.
    Looking forward to coming soon.

  6. your children are sooo cute! the baby pictures were too cute! :) a lot of times i wish i had a sibling.

  7. I love "washbasket babies"! That's one of our favorite games, too, even at 2 years old. And those pacifiers... that reminds me of the NICU all over again! What an amazing story :)

  8. I have to tell you that when I first found out I was expecting triplets I thought (to myself) that I would really like to have two boys and a girl. When we found out that we were expecting GGB I was excited as I started thinking about how my girls would be sisters to each other. I don't have a sister and always wish that I had. It is awesome to watch such a powerful bond form right before our eyes!