Friday, January 05, 2007

It's a Wonderful Life

When you are two-years old ... the best kind of day is when:

1) You get to watch Barney for the umpteenth time and have someone your own size to embrace when they sing "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family - with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too..."

2) Your mother lets you pick out your own outfit, consisting of your sister's sweater and new red velvet skirt worn OVER your blue jeans (because it looked so good with your PJ's). Better yet, your mother allows you to wear this getup to Costco but only after you threw an all-star temper tantrum and she knew better than to try and negotiate with a 2-year old;

3) You can make an absolute disaster fingerpaint to your heart's content;

4) You get to help celebrate the second birthday for the Halverson triplets;

5) There are lots of balloons at the birthday party;


7) You get to spend an afternoon, on a beautiful day, playing in your own private jump house;

8) Your brother lets you wash his hair in the bathtub;

9) Story time with all of your blankets and pillows ... in the hallway.

10) After a full day, and a dinner of homemade pizza, you are reunited with your bunny that has been soaked in bleach and washed five times to remove the bird dung from SeaWorld, and you fall asleep at the kitchen table.

There's no doubt ... life is good.

It's even better for us. We are the lucky ones that get to watch these little people grow up.


  1. I LOVE William's outfit...its PERFECT!!! Won't he be happy some day that you always had a camera near by!

  2. awh! That is really sweet. Happy Day little ones!

  3. that looks fun- (i am sure it has it's less than favorite moments) but always having little comapny your same age!

  4. Those pictures are sooo cute! I love the last one!

    I love William's outfit too...!

  5. Elizabeth fell asleep at the table???? Wow,talk about a good sleeper. As always, I love the stories and pictures.


  6. I don't know how the text disappeared on that entry. What I meant to say was I love William's outfit too, all he needs is some pig tails & hair barrettes!

  7. What a great day. It was wonderful to see it through both your eyes and theirs.


  8. What fun for all of you- when the little ones are happy, Mom is happy too!

    Williams outfit is great! My little guy sometimes joins in when his sister dresses up, he perfers the "Belle" dress.

    Maybe gender segregation isn't such a bad idea after all ;). Thanks for your comment on that!

  9. Poppa and Kathleen1/7/07, 5:49 PM

    Just love the little red skirts we gave the girls .....and now, William, for Christmas......William has good taste. Dress up is a fun, creative ( and innocent) expression.
    We miss you all and hope to see you next month.
    I know you are taking your daily naps, Jen?
    Much love,
    Poppa and Kathleen

  10. WOWSERS! Did you guys buy that jumper? Can Mark & I come over and play... oh, I mean, can Shayna come over and play? Big changes at the Bartee Household - check out my new post!

  11. What a fun day for the kiddos and I laughed at William's get-up. I hope you are taking naps when you can like your Poppa suggested. Having been pregnant with my trio and orchestating big fun days, I KNOW how tired you are. Do you think the kids will ever know how much we put into it when they are teenagers and slamming their bedroom door? LOL!

  12. You know I LOVE the picture of William, I have lots of those too!

    I want to be a 2 year old at your house! Can I come over? .... homemade pizza???? you're incredible!

  13. Too cute! I love William's outfit and even better that it was caught on camera. He will love you when his future wife sees that :)

  14. 11.) You get nominated as the Crazy Hip Blog Mama Member of the Week!! Drop me a line at so I can get the questionair off to you for next week!

    Thanks! And congrats!!

  15. How cute are they! I love those kinds of days.

  16. cute cute pictures!
    i hope you don't mind me adding you to my link list =)

  17. hee hee...I love it!! I just found your blog..I also have triplets...GGB they are almost 19 months old and we just had our miracle baby #4 in November!! Come check in on us!!
    ~Jen Mullinax