Wednesday, October 09, 2013

we don't ALWAYS agree on everything

Two weeks ago, my company hosted its annual picnic. It was a carnival theme and it was fantastic.  All of the events that you'd have at a carnival - things like a rock climbing wall...


RC car racing...




Paintball shooting...


Pumpkin decorating...


Baseball throwing...


A huge banquet...


And so, so, so much more. The best part was that it was all free. And unlike our recent experience at a carnival where we dropped a small fortune on a few activities for the kids, this time - they could participate in any event as many times as they wanted. Which is why we spent nearly the whole day at the paintball course...


And rock climbing wall.


Everyone had fun. Including Charlie, who was initially annoyed / dismayed / adamantly opposed to the idea that our family wear our matching red shoes (and Team "Insert Last Name Here" shirts) that Alex and Kathleen recently sent to us.  I convinced him, though. Because we ARE a team!


While Charlie loves his new shirt, he's decided he's not a big fan of wearing at the exact same time as the other five members of his family.  Especially when he's around 2,000 of my co-workers.  He thought we looked like the Geek Squad.

Yes. But. Everyone knew our names! 

Somehow, according to him .... that made it even worse.

As for me, I thought it was great!

Go Team!