Sunday, October 13, 2013

the night before they were nine...

Someone tried to stay awake so that they could spy on their parents in the kitchen, a mere 15 feet away, who they suspected would be wrapping birthday presents once all the children were asleep. Unfortunately, even with their premium viewing location beneath the bed, they weren't able to stay awake long enough to catch any of the present wrapping action.


The children were in bed tonight at 7:30. Charlie and I weren't able to start wrapping presents until almost 11, because we were busy trying to get ready for a birthday party that will be held at our home, tomorrow, and will include approximately 75% of our school's third grade classes. Because hosting our children's ONE second grade class last year was so much fun, this year we decided to invite all THREE of the classes.

But it will be good. I'm sure of it. 

Tomorrow night at this time, it'll probably be me crashed out asleep on the floor.