Tuesday, December 21, 2010

operation wreck room (part 2)

While we were waiting for the carpet to arrive, we've been using our barren basement for a lot of fun activities. For example, the children were very unhappy with the cold asbestos tile, until they realized they could ride their bikes on it.


So that's just what they did.


And this was a lot of fun, until they started ramming in to the newly painted walls and left tire marks and a few dents to the chair rail.

So I put little hands to work painting an heirloom table that was once Charlie's grandfather's.


What's that noise? Is that a collective gasp from all of the relatives that we're PAINTING the KIDNEY TABLE? It was in very bad shape and once we paint it white and add some butterflies and flowers, it will be a great addition to the girl's room.


Also? I have a bit of a obsessive-compulsive issue with paint. Once I start painting things I can't stop without an intervention, or until I run out. When Charlie and I were first married, I sponge-painted our bedroom. And then I sponge-painted our dining room, bathroom, living room and mailbox. We're almost out of paint, so I think the remainder of our furniture is safe.

For now.

Meanwhile, Henry is running around with a tape measure.


Our son is totally fascinated with tape measures.


This will keep him busy for an hour or more.


Henry is a stereotypical little boy in that he LOVES tools. He is magnetically drawn to them and will seek them out and stash them in various hiding places. No kidding, I found a hammer this morning in his sock drawer. At the moment, he is downstairs trying to sneak tools away from the carpet installers, who arrived an hour ago.


It's almost like he has an obsessive-compulsive issue with tools.


I wonder where he gets that from?


  1. Great post! Growing up my house had a mostly finished basement and the floor was painted/sealed concrete. The stairs were in the middle of the basement and the way it was set up was a huge circle around the stairs. We spent many a winter day rollerskating around and around and around.

  2. I remember riding bikes in my basement as a kid. Yours looks awesome already!

  3. OMgosh, I love the paint on the walls! I can't wait to see the new carpet in there! you should find one of those wooden tape measures for Henry, the ones that fold on themselves. Gosh, they keep me busy for hours playing with them

  4. A fabulous stocking stuffer idea, perhaps!?!

  5. I gasped too when I saw the kids painting the kidney desk! But, I did the same thing to the dresser I had growing up. It is now painted and looks awesome in my kids' bedroom.
    Can't wait to see the "after" pics of the rec room (and the kidney desk!)!