Saturday, December 18, 2010

one step at a time

When we heard that we could save $700.00 on the cost of new carpet installation, if we removed all of the old carpet in the basement ourselves, Charlie got to work.


$700.00? Heck, that will cover the cost of ... well, not a new kitchen but at least half of a riding lawnmower. Which we'll also need to purchase unless we decide to continue the trend of not cutting the grass and allow our property to take on the full "Natural Look" in 2011.


All day today and tomorrow, we're planning to finish painting the basement in preparation of the new carpet that will be installed on Tuesday. We suspect that the 1,400 square feet of orange shag will be removed the next day. Which we'll haul to the dump, laughing all the way.


It's hard to believe this house is coming together.



There is still so much to do (closets, garage, laundry room, bathrooms, kitchen, yard), but the boxes that have been filling our garage for the past three months will soon be moved in! and unpacked! and we can get organized! and there are no words to sufficiently capture my excitement about it all!

Gloria, in Excelsis Deo!!


  1. So happy for you that you can see the place getting to where you want it to be. I am so glad you got this house and I think that the kids will absolutely love the creek and it will hold a treasured place in their memory banks. The creek we grew up with has and I haven't seen the place since 1972!

  2. Yeah for removing the trashy orange carpet, may it rot in peace. : )

  3. looks like charlie has some good helpers!

  4. You don't need too many words to capture the excitement. New paint and carpet does a lot for a house!

  5. I think I am as excited as you are to see that orange carpeting go. This is SO MUCH FUN! For me. I don't if it is as much fun for you.

  6. Shop around for the riding lawn mower. We were able to get a second hand (less than 50 hours on it) Cub Cadet I Series with a zero turn radius at a substantial discount - AND it came with the leaf bagger attachments. Our local Cub Cadet dealer had it when we went to look at them.

  7. That IS exciting! Progress!