Wednesday, July 07, 2010

things i'll miss about san diego #10

While a lot of people live close to the coast and rarely go, that's not the case for us.


Whenever an opportunity presents itself, we are at the beach.


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


(Not like there's a lot of difference among the four in San Diego).


When people from afar come to visit us, it's always at the top of their Must-Do list to visit one of our beautiful beaches.


Because it's so close and works magic on our spirit , there's no reason to not visit.


Sometimes, we just drive by the beach.

Sometimes, we stop to enjoy the sunset over the edge of the world.


Sometimes, we stop just long enough to get our piggies wet with a quick walk along the shore.


And then other times, we'll bring all of our gear and spend an entire day there.


We've been going to the beach since our children were teeny tiny babies.


And over the years - we've kept going.

Here's Elizabeth wearing the same expression at 5-years old as she was at 5-months old...


Our triplets learned to walk along the sands of the Pacific.


As did their little brother.



(Do you double dog dare me to stand up and walk?)


(Not even a soggy diaper that hangs down to my knees will stop me!)



Cue ... the soundtrack for Wipe-Out!


The water isn't particularly warm in this region, but the scenery is spectacular.


Especially when punctuated with triathletes flying over wet sand.


Of all the beaches in San Diego, I'll especially miss the beautiful beaches of Torrey Pines, with the sandstone and conglomerate cliffs and beaches full of cobbles.


Then again, I'll also really miss the coves of La Jolla...


And let's not forget the beautiful sandy beaches of Coronado Island.


(I wonder if the sand in Virginia can do this?)


Once every couple of years we'll be back to visit, and when we do, we will stay in a house along one of the lovely beaches in the town where our children were born.




We're already looking forward to those vacations ... and we haven't even left yet.


  1. I live in San Diego and have absolutely been loving your round up of of things you'll miss. I can't wait to raise my munchkins here. :) Thanks!

  2. I, too, love San Diego. We used to go 4 times a year (once a season) but we haven't been for a while due to $ and saving for a house. Your pictures and clever words make me want to go back!

  3. I think tomorrow is your big moving day. Rest assured knowing your memories will be safely with you always!
    Wishing you safe and happy trails!

  4. I can't say much about California because I've never been (would love to go someday!) but as for the beaches in the east -- I know we make drip sandcastles in the Outer Banks, NC every year, so I'd think Virginia sand would work just as well :O)

  5. I know how you feel Jen. I moved to N CA, to the Central Valley, about 13 years ago and whenever I go to North County to visit my mom and family and friends, I have to go to the beach. I have looked at all of your scenes of San Diego and feel like I had the same feelings you had when I left for a new life here, never knowing if I'd return (I didn't).

    I brought our adopted daughters to the beach for the first time last year and it was so much fun seeing them play in the sand and water for the first time, reminding me of growing up in coastal North County beaches.

    Thanks for sharing your 'things you'll miss' about San Diego. Sort of made me a bit homesick in the process (even though I just made a very quick 2 night visit last month).


  6. Wow - you must really be going somewhere special to leave such a gorgeous place!

    I now would like to move to San Diego but it's really a bit far from Oxford, England!

    The tourist board really should be paying you for this series of posts - they're fab!

  7. We are looking forward to you guys vacationing out here!!!

  8. Not only can the sand here in VA do that but we have a sand sculpting competition every year at the Neptune Festival. Of course this is Virginia Beach and is a bit of a drive from where you will live but if you make the drive, I'll save you a good spot on the parade route.

  9. These things you will miss are all amazing but from what I have learned from reading your blog for the last couple of years, your life will be amazing wherever you are as a family. You have an unbelieveable ability to make things awesome! Good luck in your trek across the country and in finding a new home.