Tuesday, March 02, 2010

you can't hold mother nature back (and free will part 3)

We went to the beach yesterday.


This is what we saw. At the end of this pathway, there is supposed to be sand. Instead, we were met with Class III white water as overflow from the lagoon gushed on to the beach.


Granted, it was high tide, but the beach was completely submerged.


Due to recent storm surges and a possible influence of the Pacific tsunamis generated from the most recent Chilean earthquake, this is what happened to the access road running parallel to the beach. That wipe stripe was once the bike lane.


Regardless of what man might do to try and stop it, Nature has a will all of it's own.

Think about that...


It's the same nature that is in you and me and all things living.

And it is incredibly powerful to behold.

This concludes my random thoughts for the day, all of which were connected by the theme of free will. Free will of marine mammals, immigrants and mother nature. It made a lot more sense when I thought it up this morning than it does, now. Regardless, I need to go finish completing one more mound of Kindergarten registration paperwork. Because it's real. It's happening.

My babies are growing up and going to school.


And like all other nature driven forces in life, there's not much I can do but take pictures, write stories and do my best to document the moment. For what it's worth, I've discovered that a good glass of red really does help to dull the pain of fleeting time. But not if you are also listening to, "Dust In The Wind."

"I close my eyes. Only for a moment and the moment's gone."

Take note: if you're having any remorse about your child going to school, you might want to skip listening to Kansas when you're completing kindergarten registration.


  1. hey jen,it can't be so bad.my son is going to college this year too, and i am going to miss him.so,gong to KG will be just fine. [and then u have henry too!]

  2. Thank God for Henry! Can you imagine if all three left (and took their noise with them?) and you didn't have a Henry to ease you into it?

    BUT, I am confused! I thought you were moving before next school year started. ??

  3. Good googly-moogly! I was a sobbing pile of mush just completing my trips 1-day a week preschool forms ... I can't imagine what kindergarten registration will do to me! I'm thinking glass of Chinati and a Ny-Quil chaser will be needed.

    I'm hoping you'll post more on your Kindy decisions ... Montessori or traditional? Same class or split up? Bus or drive them? School lunches or pack?

  4. Hang in there - I have a 5 and 3 yr old. The 5 started kindergarten this year and my husband and I both work full time. It is a struggle to say good bye some mornings, but I have found a new and different kind of joy in his growth and independence! First of all - they will still need you - no worries. If California is anything like Arizona - there are 26 kids in a classroom and they need all the parent volunteers they can get. Not too mention PTO help, "donuts with Dad" and "muffins with mom" days, guest reader days, etc... But you will also find such pride in what you've already taught them at home when they come home and say "Susie was getting made fun of and I stood up for her and said it doesn't matter if she has glasses, we're all different and special." Or when you visit them on a volunteer day and see what an amazing leader he is when not inside your house. Being a fly on the wall and seeing them in the world without you and blossoming is more rewarding than you might think. And - having them come home and want to show off for you all they've learned "on their own" is priceless. With your kids being multiples it will be great for them to each have their "own" thing too! Not that you'll never be sad - but it will be great too!

  5. Love that song......and think of it this way, you have the free will to pull them from school and home school them later if you want to :)

  6. I remember sitting in preschool registration/orientation and I was STILL filling out forms as everyone else had already moved on to a tour of the class - lol.

    It might have been 2nd grade by the time I finally got a clue and learned to take the papers with me - fill out ALMOST everything possible (except the name and sex) - then take it to work and photocopy it, then add the names.

    Church camp registration was a breeze last summer - lol.

    Or I have made DH come with me and fill out - not that he ever knows the right info. I sometimes wonder if he doesn't realize these are his children too. Seriously.

    Also - after they are proficient writers, they can help. They recently filled out their own forms at the dentist, under my direction. You got to be creative.



  7. I just have one thing to say, if you think the paperwork is a lot now, wait till kinder orientation. I had to fill out 13 pages of info for my daughter's kinder teacher. Some of it was a repeat of what I'd already filled out months before and submitted to the school. Yikes. I do feel your pain. I can't imagine filling out paperwork x3.


  8. WooHoo! Kindergarten, baby. I am LOVING kindergarten. Wait till you get in there and volunteer and fall in love with all those kids. It is SO MUCH FUN!

  9. Alas, I felt the same way when I sent you--my seventh off too school. It happens fast so enjoy every moment and stay in the NOW!

  10. What a nice picture. Time goes by too quickly, doesn't it? I love the idea of a triplet support group (from your other post). My name is Abigail Pogrebin; I'm an identical twin and former 60 Minutes producer who just published a book about twins called "One and the Same." I think any parent of twins or multiples will find much to chew on and maybe some guidance as to how to dodge pitfalls of doubleness. I'd love to speak to you about the possibility of a book review and/or author Q&A. My email is apogrebin@gmail.com, website:www.abigailpogrebin.com.